Christopher is a 1st Year at Brock University, studying English Language and Literature. He’s just an average teenager from Brampton, who is passionate about making a change in the world.

Hello! I hope that you all have been enjoying the start to this new year at Brock; and if this is your first year – like myself – give yourself a pat on the back for entering into the first chapter of your future.

It is no secret that being a first year student living away from home is exciting; for the first time in my life, I am away from my family and my hometown for longer than a week. The idea of moving away from everything that I knew seemed easy until move in day; when I realized that I was on my own. I don’t know about other first year students; but I can recall counting down the days, minutes, and seconds till move in day; yet once it arrived, I was more afraid than I had ever been in my entire life. I wasn’t afraid to be in university itself; I was afraid of being on my own.

It has been a bit shy of a month since first year students – including myself – said goodbye to mom and dad and said hello to life as a baby badger; and I can say without a doubt that I often get very homesick. I live just outside of the GTA, so going home for me personally is not much of an issue; but there are tons of students who come from various cities – even countries – where taking a MegaBus home just is not a possibility.

But fear not! I have made a short list of my personal favourite ways to keep in touch with friends and family while dealing with a busy university life.

  1. FaceTime is one of my favourite features on my iPhone because I can have a face to face conversation with my friends and family without having to use my laptop. A lot of people have iPhones and you can FaceTime while on the go through 3G – showing your family how messy grape stomp can be – or you can use FaceTime I will be honest and admit that FaceTime quality can be very low at times; however, sometimes it feels better to see the face of a loved one instead of hearing their voice over the phone.
  2. And for all those who don’t have an iPhone, Skype would be second on my list. Skype is another great way to keep in touch with family and friends! You can have group chats with friends from around the world!
  3. Instagram: Instagram is one of my favourites because what better way to keep people updated on your life than through photos. In my family, we use Instagram
  4. Facebook is another amazing way to keep in touch with your friends and family back home; but keep in mind that your friends and family can and WILL see everything that you are tagged in! Don’t make Thanksgiving dinner more awkward than it needs to be!

I wish you all an amazing year at Brock and I cannot wait to share all my experiences with you all! I hope my few words help you get through homesickness!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Chris! let me tell you how much I related to this post! Last week I was just telling my housemates and friends that I’m feeling homesick.. and that’s coming from someone whose parents/brother FT daily! LOL. Love the choice of images coz we can all easily identify them. Whoot whoot!