Hello hello hello!

I feel like we are all running a race, and exams constantly keep getting closer and we eventually get caught. Exams are one of the most stressful times of the year, and we all have a tough time. There’s something about walking into a gym with 100+ other people that makes you want to cry. If the sentence above describes you, fear not because I have a few things that are perfect to help reduce your stress.

  • Apples are fantastic, they are like potatoes and you can use them anywhere. Not only is it a tasty snack, but apples actually give you a better energy boost than coffee and energy drinks! Put down that coffee and pick up a Granny Smith!Varieties-of-Apple
  • Take a bath! Just get in  the tub with some candles, a glass of your favourite wine and a calming album. Warm water relaxes sore muscles that have stress stuck in them. Note: if you feel really fancy, bath bombs are never really a bad idea.Bath_bombs
  • Anyone LOVE tea? Well, Chamomile tea helps reduce stress! The way that the herbs in this tea react with our brain is similar to a tranquilizer! Don’t worry, it’s safe! Tea Chains, Like David’s Tea, also offer loose leaf tea for stress as well!
  • Get a massage. Call your boyfriend, girlfriend, family pet, or anyone you can think of to give you a quick massage to help loosen up tense muscles! It may hurt but it will feel amazing after!
  • Who doesn’t love these little blue guys! Blueberries are a fruit that is not only fantastic for your skin, but a great weapon against high stress levels!
  • Avocados! You got it! They help with stress, so go make a GIANT bowl of Guac in the hopes of living stress free!

That’s all from me today Badgers, I hope you have a fantastic Wellness Week! Get out there and see some puppies! Don’t let end of the semester stress get you down, study hard and be confident in your work. We all have exactly what it takes to get through any stressful time. Remember: taking time for yourself is just as important as studying for finals. “Treat yo’self!”