Hello Again!

I hope that you had a lovely Halloween weekend! I want to take a few moments of your day to talk about something that is quite important: mustaches.

We all know what I am talking about! It is MOVEMBER! It’s that time during the year where men grow moustaches in all shapes and sizes. However, Movember is a lot more than growing a cool moustasche and showing it off to your friends; Movember is an important time of year because it raises awareness for men’s health and men’s health issues including testicular and prostate cancer as well as mental health.

In Canada, about 1 of every 5 people will develop a form of cancer in their life time. At the beginning of the month, men start with a clean shaven face and grow stylish moustaches as the month progresses. Similar to various other campaigns that raise awareness for valiant causes – such as the Ice Bucket Challenge – people have the opportunity to either participate by growing a moustache and asking friends and family to donate towards changing the face of men’s health, or simply grow a cool moustache.

Movember is a movement that began in about 2003 in Australia and in just a bit over 10 years has become a global movement and gets increasingly popular as the years go by. It is important to raise awareness for causes such as health because at any point, someone can be diagnosed with an illness and through fundraising for research and raising awareness; it is possible to find ways to beat illnesses and hopefully one day find cures.

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Movember is also known as “No Shave November” which I think is really cool because it takes a great cause even further! Not everyone can physically grow a beard or mustache; so why not extend the movement beyond facial hair! That could mean not shaving your legs for a month!
If you are unsure how are going to cope with the overwhelming amount of facial hair that will be seen on campus over the next few weeks – stay tuned to Student Powered this week when Alex gives some advice on Movember for all the ladies!

Now is the time to take a stand and raise awareness for men’s health! To learn more, head over to www.movember.ca for EVERYTHING you need to know about changing the face of men’s health, awesome merchandise, and the various ways that you can get involved!

Wanna support BUSU’s Movember team? Check out our Official Team Page!


  1. Ivan says:

    Awesome . Lets help Men and boys brothers . Lets start helping each other . Men Power !!!

    • Chris Lawrence says:

      Hey Ivan! Movember is a great time where we can all get together and raise money for an amazing cause! Don’t forget to share this post to help raise awareness!