Let’s be honest…
Not everyone has time to take up a great deal of hobbies, and not everyone has money to partake in certain sports/arts. However, hobbies are super important as they break up your stressful day, give you time to unwind, can be cathartic releases, and force you to time manage. Some hobbies I find healthy, and that do not require tons of commitment, are the following: (and if they are at Brock, I’ll let ya know)!!

  1. Watercolour painting
    I have picked this up because I found myself seeing artwork on the internet, and wanting to recreate it. Watercolour art allows you to do this, while focusing so much energy on the careful blending, bleeding, and mixes of colours, that your mind has no other choice but to stop what it’s thinking about, and just paint. Sometimes the stuff you can come up with is amazing too, as it really does come from the inside. If art ends up being your thing, Brock has a visual arts club that focuses on many different types of art.
  2. Running
    It is said that runners live longer. Running can really save your life. And if you’re looking for a safe place to do it, and don’t feel comfortable in your neighbourhood, than Brock has a track located above walker complex, as well as an entire campus to run on. Running is extremely energizing and healthy, as well as doesn’t require a strict schedule. No specific kilometers, no specific time of days, no specific seasons/weather conditions, and definitely no specific type of person.
  3. Scrapbooking
    Life goes by super quickly, and one of the best ways to recall information about it is to collect memories through photographs. “That what Instagram is for!” you say. There is something nice about photographs you can hold. They suddenly last forever (and not in the scary sense of the Internet’s permanence!) They are yours and only yours in a compact scrapbook with cool stickers/quotes/frames/borders/etc. They can be anything you want.
  4. Teaching yourself an instrument
    Some people aren’t privileged in terms of having expensive music lessons. Piano and guitar aren’t cheap lessons. However, teaching yourself these things IS cheap, and it’s also fun and allows a special understanding of sheet music/chord progression that you may not get from an instructor. Personally, I taught myself guitar just by knowing piano sheet music. While I always felt very involved in piano, and very conserved, I feel extremely relaxed while playing guitar. I was never forced to play a minuet on guitar, and I never will be. There is great benefits of teaching yourself an instrument unconventionally. We have an amazing music department and amazing music students that can help you too! You may find them playing about in the walls behind market. I’ve seen a girl playing a harp down there — (Guilty of gawking; so cool!)
  5. Collecting
    Personally, (hm.. don’t judge!) I collect coasters. Everywhere I go, I collect a coaster from a bar/restaurant. I have such a cool collection going, and each one holds a special memory with special people. Whether this is kleptomania or a hobby, I’m not sure, but either way it is something to do that does not ask for your time; it just happens.
  6. Nature based hobbies
    Brock has a planting/growing club, as well as we have access to Niagara’s Restoration Council, which accepts volunteers for tree planting, as well as the creation of bee gardens! Helping the environment while getting involved?! Why not?
  7. Reading
    Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.30.49 PM
    Reading not only in blogs, not only academic essays, but good old fashion reading. The smell of books cannot be beat! (I can’t help but redirect you to the Brock bookstore or a local Coles/Chapters, because majority of my favourite reads have come from those places. Maybe even check out another course’s reading material to see if something peeks your interest!) Books are expensive though, right? If that is the dilemma, then I would advise checking out The Write Bookshop (puny), downtown St Catharine’s, 285 St. Paul Street! They have so many books you can barely walk, but a pretty neat and accessible organization system.
  8. Yoga
    Guys, girls, anyone! Yoga is for everyone. Want something a little more hype? Kickboxing! Barre! Pilates! These are all healthy. If you go out and do these, they may be expensive. However, there are cheap recreational serves at Brock (click here to see) . You can get kickboxing for $49… a steal. I’d recommend checking those out, or just whipping out a mat and doing it in your room. Don’t forget to use a pillow for those headstands, badgers.