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Tempting as it may be, you can’t live on a steadfast diet of kraft dinner and frozen pizza…

I mean you could, but in the long run you wouldn’t be happy or healthy. This is your guide to healthy eating that will make you feel great and won’t break the bank!


First of all, let’s start with some staple foods you’ll want to stock up on in your cupboards. They are all relatively cheap and healthy and a vital part of your grocery list. (of course depending on your tastes, your food staples will vary)

Fruits and Vegetables:

-Avocados: I could rant all day about how avocados are!  Loaded with fibre and monounsaturated fats, (don’t worry that’s the good kind!) avocados make great snacks and you can add them to almost any meal and it will taste phenomenal. Avocados are amazing, enough said!



-Mixed Greens



-Frozen Berries and Vegetables: These are great to have in your kitchen because of how expensive fruits and vegetables can be and because of how quickly the can go bad. The veggies go nicely as a side dish or in a stir-fry, and the berries are perfect for smoothies and oatmeal.


-Oatmeal:Cheap and easy to make, and super filling, you can’t go wrong with this breakfast staple!

-Brown Rice


Meat & Alternatives:


-Chicken:Instead of buying cuts of chicken which can be expensive, buy a whole chicken, which will last you several meals. You can make sandwiches with it and add it to salads, and you can also boil the carcass and make your own home-made chicken noodle soup!


-Olive Oil (crucial for cooking!)


– Nuts and Spices:spices are key to most recipes, and nuts make for a great healthy snack, but both can be pretty pricey. My advice is to buy them in bulk from a bulk-food store instead of the supermarket.


Secondly, you need to be organized and prepared. planning and prepping your meals is crucial for eating healthy meals and not going over your budget.

-Make a master grocery list! Click Here!

-Plan your menu! When you make your grocery list, plan out your meals a week in advance. (Hell, you can plan out your meals for the month if you can be that organized!) That way you know what you’re going to be eating on the daily and you don’t have to waste time or money trying to figure out what to eat, and making last minute, unhealthy choices.

-Prepping: I freaking HATE chopping up vegetables. It’s time consuming and it’s tedious. When you’ve spent all day at school and you’re starving, the last thing you want to do is spend like twenty minutes cutting up different veggies and etc. It’s times like that where it’s all too tempting to throw the towel in and order a pizza. So to prevent this, I suggest cutting up things in advance, at the start of the week, and storing them in Tupperware containers in your fridge and freezer. It makes preparing healthy meals SO much easier!

Still at a loss for what to make? Here’s a sample menu for you to enjoy!



5 Minute Oatmeal Power Bowl


blt bowl

BLT Salad Bowl



Weeknight Chicken Stir-Fry

Eating cheap and healthy does not have to be stressful or complicated. There are so many resources dedicated to helping people save money and maintain a healthy diet:

-Apps that help you save money while grocery shopping

Recipekey(a website that gives you recipes that use ingredients and leftovers that you already have!)

-These Subreddits: budgetveggie, eatcheapandhealthy, budgetfood, 7dollardinners, cheapmeals


And check out this board on Pinterest for more ideas for cheap and healthy recipes, as well as tips for making grocery lists and prepping your meals!

Happy Eating Everyone!! 🙂