T’was about two weeks before the holidays, and all through the school,

not a student was celebrating, because exam time is cruel.

Luggage was packed tight, Christmas lists made with care,

 in hopes that professors would mark those tests oh-so-fair.

Badgers finished their finals and rushed to the Pen,

to buy as many gifts as they could take home with them.

Christmas came and went, New Year’s Eve was gone in flash,

when students headed back to St. Catharines to start Winter semester at last.

The first Isaac’s Thursday was upon us, students flocked to grab cash –

when alas! Oh no! Their bank accounts emptied far too fast!

Christmas cheer can lead to January tears when you look at your finances and realize maybe you were on the naughty list after all – it’s no surprise that everyone struggle to make ends meet during the most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year. That’s why dear Badgers, we’ve decided to make a list (and yes, we checked it twice) of our favourite financial apps to keep your bank account looking nice.

Mint Final

1. Mint | Free in the App Store

Described as the Beyonce of personal finance management, Mint is your one-stop shop to set budgets, track your expenses and reach your goals!

2. Pocket Expense Free in the App Store

Another personal finance tracker that lets you bring all your financial accounts together so you can track and categorize your transactions, pay your bills and set budgets – important stuff if you want to save some money over the holidays!

3. Checkout 51Free in the App Store

Have you ever been paid to go grocery shopping? Checkout 51 reimburses you for buying brands on their “list” – all you have to do is use your smart phone to scan your receipt & voila! Once you hit $20, a cheque will be sent your way.

Gas Buddy Final

4. Gas BuddyFree in the App Store

I know I am constantly driving past different gas stations, trying to keep a running list in my head of who’s offering the cheapest price for when my “low fuel” light clicks on – GasBuddy saves you the trouble and shows you which station is cheapest in your area.

5. Groupon Free in the App Store

If you’re looking to get a deal on that spa treatment you always fall back on for your mom, sign up for Groupon and check out the bulk deals they offer in your area! From discounts at restaurants to entertainment packages, Groupon has something for everyone on your list. Oh, and chances are, you’ll pay half the price and she’ll still be happy.

6. Hotel Tonight Free in the App Store

Need a vacation from Christmas vacation? Hotel Tonight helps you look up the most inexpensive, last minute hotel bookings so when you need to escape, you don’t break your bank.

Campus Special Final

7. Campus Special Free in the App Store

Everybody needs a cheat day, and Campus Special makes sure that when you go looking for some take out, you’re getting the best price. The app compiles all the takeout and delivery options in your area to rank the restaurants that give you the most bang for your buck!

That’s it for now Badgers! Have a safe & happy holiday 🙂