That time of year is among us again! Next week marks the third fall reading week here at Brock University and it always comes at the perfect time. Fall is in full swing, Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to see family, and a much-needed break from homework is in order. Whither you’re going home for the week or staying here at Brock, here is a list of great ways to spend the week!


  1. Visit a winery

If you’re staying in the Niagara region for the break visiting some wineries is a great way to spend a few days! (If you’re legal drinking age, of course) We’re so lucky to have our campus in the middle of Canada’s wine country so might as well take advantage of it! Jackson Triggs has daily tours for only 5 dollars and you get to taste 5 different wines #studentbudget.


2. Start a new TV series

Reading week is the perfect time to have a few days of doing absolutely nothing so why not start a new series on Netflix! Narcos is a great new show that are based on true events of a notorious Colombian drug lord (my personal recommendation, it is so amazing) or maybe watch something a little older like Friday Night Lights or That’s so 70’s Show!


3. Get a head start on some homework

Okay, here me out about this one. Imagine just setting aside one day to finish one assignment during reading week and not having to do it the week you get back to Brock! That would be pretty awesome and especially since midterms are just around the corner when we’re back. Maybe go check out the library in your hometown to get some work done!

4. Check out the trails around campus

Considering it’s the most beautiful season right now, go check out the trails that we’re so lucky to have on campus. There are some trails behind Vallee and Decew and also by the intramural fields! Not to mention, Decew Falls and the Quarry trails. Perfect way to spend a fall day.

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5. Vote!!!!!

Wither you vote in hometown or here, make sure you get informed and vote for the candidate you support! Early voting dates are October 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th and Election Day is on the day school starts back up, the 19th.


6. Check out some student deals

A week off is a perfect time to check out some student deals that are out there. One being a free day at the ROM. Even if you’re not from Toronto, it’s worth the trip in. Every Tuesday secondary and post-secondary students get free admission if you show your student card. Seems like an amazing deal to me!

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No matter where you’re going to be during the fall reading week just make sure you enjoy yourself, Badgers! I hope this list helps with making your reading week awesome! However make sure you relax, make time for yourself, and get ready for the rest of the fall semester. See you on October 19th!