At the beginning of each year it’s common to create your New Years Resolution – which for some of us, is something we start in the first 2-3 weeks of January and seem to slowly trail off as the months go on. But we really need to get rid of this mentality of never actually meeting our goals that we set for ourselves in the New Year! It’s time for us to make a change, to actually listen to ourselves, to set real goals, and to make time for these goals so we can feel good about ourselves and stop making this whole “New Year, New You” slogan a lie.

First of all, in order to maintain a New Year’s resolution, you need to have come up with a plausible resolution – something that you can actually do and work on throughout the year. Once you have decided on what your resolution will be, you need to get organized – utilize apps and agendas in order to schedule time in. To help with what I believe are common resolutions, I’m going to list a few off that occur each year and help you by giving some tips on how to maintain your resolution and to finally achieve your goal!

#1. Eat Healthy, Workout, and Get Fit


  • This is truly the most classic New Year’s resolution heard all around the world and it’s not a bad one to have! The only time it’s bad is when you know that you aren’t actually going to workout and eat healthy. Instead of giving up after 5 days, you need to actually schedule time for your workouts and plan your meals! With school this can be a little difficult when you’re living in a student house with your roommates constantly asking if you want to order pizza or hit up McDonald’s (trust me, I know… my roommate pulls this on me all the time). In order to avoid these situations and getting caught in them, make sure you hit the grocery store and make a list of all the items you need. Prepare an idea of what you want to eat along the week and see what ingredients will be needed and set out times for when you can make them and days you can have leftovers from the night before.
  • Once you’ve managed to collect your grocery items and know when you are going to cook or eat leftovers, you’re golden. You are not allowed to say yes to that XL double cheese pizza, because you have a delicious chicken stir fry that you made and it is calling your name! Not only this – but you will feel amazing that you were able to say no, rather than feeling a wave of regret after your 3rd slice of pizza.
  • Next you need to work on your workout game. Try to be active as much as possible – leave Netflix for nighttime and get up and walking around during the day. Something to help you with this is the Fitbit. It’s about $99 Canadian and it will monitor your steps taken each day, how many minutes you spent active, and can monitor your sleep patterns as well. This little gadget works really well to get your butt into gear as it is a constant reminder of how active or not active you were in a day. Therefore – you want to be active so you can see those five little flashes of light telling you that you reached your goal! The Fitbit is also used to log your daily food intake and will tell you how many calories you ate, how many you can have, and how many calories you burned. You simply wear it as a bracelet and it’s even waterproof so you basically never have to take it off. I highly recommend the Fitbit if you need help reminding yourself that you should get up and be active, or simply if you want to track your progress.
  • Lastly, make sure you schedule your time!! I cannot stress this enough – get a day planner, a calendar, or use the calendar that’s on your phone or computer. You want to be able to schedule in a time so you have no excuse to not be working out and to not be eating healthy. Pre-planning is a huge step towards you achieving your goals!

#2. Save Money

Save Money

  • This resolution can be difficult at times. I find that the most money I’m spending as a student is towards food, social outings like going to the bar, and unnecessary shopping sprees. In order to save more money, the biggest thing that you can do to keep this resolution is to limit going out to eat. Spending money on food that you can make at home is a huge waste of money! Buying your own groceries and making dinner at home will easily increase your savings.
  • If you really like to go out and eat, try and limit it to once a week or once or twice every two weeks. Also – if you can find coupons – use them!!
  • Be DD for your friends – by driving to the bar you’re saving money on cabs and sometimes your friends are willing to chip gas for driving them! So win-win. Not only this, but you don’t have to spend money on alcohol – all you have to pay for is cover, which isn’t a bad deal.
  • If saving money is difficult to you when it comes to shopping, then what you can do to help you achieve your goal is to limit yourself to spend only a certain amount of money within a week or even within a month. You decide on the time limit. From there, you can transfer money on your debit card so that you can only take out so much – this will make you think twice before purchasing that $200 purse that you don’t really need.

#3. Quitting a Bad Habit

Bad Habit

  • Habits are called habits for a reason so this is obviously not going to be an easy task to accomplish – but don’t let that discourage you from reaching your goal. In order to break a habit you need to go over why you want to stop, what the benefits will be of stopping, and how that habit is holding you back. You need some real motivation in order for you to commit to quitting.
  • Tell your friends and family that you are quitting if possible in order to have some people to help you along the way. If you tell your friends that you are quitting this bad habit, and they see that you are about to fall out of line, they can intervene the situation and remind you of your goal.
  • Don’t surround yourself with people who are not willing to help you achieve your goal. You need people who are going to help you and not tempt you to fall back on your word.

If you have any other New Year’s resolutions that you need some help with getting started or staying on track, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or e-mail me with questions, as I would love to help. I wish everyone luck in the New Year and hope all your plans and goals succeed.