Hello Badgers!

Hope all of your studying and assignments are going well! As you know, we are just about finished first semester and that means (for those of us who are lucky), we get to pack up our bags and get a well deserved break! If you are anything like me, then you might just throw everything you own (clean or dirty) in your suitcase and call it a day. Regardless of where you are going (Florida, Italy or your parents’ basement)…you need to pack wisely. Here are some tips to help you do so more effectively!

1. Establish a Plan–Where are you going? Will it be warm or cold? What will you be doing? Make sure you pack according to weather and what sort of activities you will be doing. Try to plan out how many outfits you will need and what kind. Make a checklist if that will help! Organize your clothes by making piles. I am always guilty of over packing and I find the easiest way to pack is to get everything you think you’ll need and then edit it down (kind of like an essay). Make a yes, maybe, and no pile and slowly start deciding what it is you truly will need versus what you just want to bring.

2. The Rolling Method-This is seriously one of the best tips I’ve learned about packing especially if you are trying to make more room! Roll your clothing items up tightly (this will also decrease the chances of wrinkles).

3. Divide into Sections-Depending on what kind of suitcase you are bringing, try and separate your items into sections. Shoes (cover these with bags or shower caps to protect your other items) should go around the edges or bottom of your suitcase. Heavier items should be evenly distributed on the bottom with lighter items in the middle and top. Fill gaps with things like your underwear or socks. Always make sure your toiletries, cosmetics, etc. are put in last and on the top!

Fun Tip: Placing a dryer sheet in your suitcase will keep your items smelling nice and fresh!

4. Don’t Pull a Ross-Avoid a shampoo explosion by covering all of the openings to your liquid containers. Take off the lid, wrap the covering with plastic wrap and put the lid back on tightly. Place those in Ziploc bags for extra protection. Also, pack travel-sized products if you can!


5. Have a Day Pack-Whether your trip is 2 hours or 20, avoid being bored. You will want to keep yourself entertained so make sure you have easy access to things like your music, books, cell phone, etc.

6. Identification-Regardless of whether your destination is somewhere exotic or the place you spend every holiday, don’t forget your student id, drivers license and passport. These documents might not be on your mind when you leave for holidays but who knows what plans will materialize!

Feel free to ignore tips 1-6 and just do your own thing. Sometimes it’s better to just leave your “baggage” behind!

Happy Holidays!

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