We did it! We survived another semester of assignments, midterms, stress, all-nighters, procrastination, and so on!  The post-holiday anticipation got us like…

But by now you’ve surely popped out of your holiday bubble. Today, I will be sharing tips and tricks to prepare for the winter semester!

Here are a few tips to get you ready for the next semester:

  1. Adjust to the new schedule!
    If you’re like me, you’re a night owl who’s stuck with morning classes all of winter semester. Once the Christmas cheer dies, try to adjust your body clock to the new schedule.

  1. Get organised!
    Some of us have full year courses, while the others have half year courses. Either way, it’s best to organise notes that carry onto the new semester or mark important midterm and assignment submission dates on your calendar.

  1. List three things you want to do differently this semester!

Maybe join a club, get a job, or enroll in a fitness class. The possibilities of trying new things at university are endless. Do something this semester that takes you out of your comfort zone!


We accumulate a lot of rubbish over the years! The only way to organise our life is to organise our personal space. So, throw anything you don’t need and make room for to accumulate more rubbish in this semester!

  1. Learn to meal prep and start eating healthy!

  1. Lastly, try and get lots of sleep, because we all know how busy a new semester can be!



That’s all for today folks!!

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