So, you’re graduating. You’ve successfully gotten through the last four years of your undergrad. That’s four years of being surrounded by your closest friends, eating your weight in pizza and Burrito Boys, spending countless hours in the library, Isaac’s Thursday Nights and getting lost in Mac Chown.

These last four years sure have flown by. They may have been the time of your lives, or you might be grateful to see it go. Regardless, it is time to say your goodbyes to Brock University.

Well, first thing’s first, make sure you cross everything off of your list.

Feel like you haven’t had all the necessary Brock University experiences? Check them off your list. Take a trip to Decew Falls, make sure you wear old running shoes and some sunscreen. Haven’t eaten at Beechwood Donuts? First, you must be nuts. Second, GET THERE. Their Cookie Dough Donut is the to die for! Get someone to take a nice candid out front of your old residence. Maybe sit outside while you’re studying for exams, soak up the sun and get your fill of the beauty of the campus.

“Did you really go to Brock if you don’t have an Instagram picture of your Beechwood donuts?” 

—Ashley, fourth year.

After crossing all those experiences off your list, it’s now time to say your goodbyes to people you have met throughout your time here. I know you’ve met some people who will be permanent factors in your post-university lives, but some you may not see again.

“I’ve lived with my roommate since first year. We didn’t know each other when we got put together in residence. Now, she’s one of my best friends.”

—Carly, 4th year.

So, call up your group of friends and go for brunch. Get together with the kids in your program, and reminisce about the last four years of professors, tests, and nights out. Meet up with your workout buddy from the Zone, and thank them for being your spotter for all this time. Go say your goodbyes to your favourite professors and TA’s—they will definitely want their chance to say their own goodbyes to you.

And so, once you’re checked off all your necessary Brock experiences, walked the halls for one last time, and said your final goodbyes to your friends and favourite people at the school—it’s time to pack up the car, and hit the road.

“It’s definitely been a crazy four years. Can’t say I would change it for anything.”

— Josh, 4th year. 

Brock has opened new roads for you to take, opened doors and windows and paths in your future. These last four years have done nothing but create new opportunities for you.

So as you leave Brock, and say your goodbyes to your undergrad, know that you aren’t just saying your goodbyes to Brock University, but also saying your hellos to your next adventure!

All the best in the future and congrats to the class of 2017!