Being healthy definitely not the easiest thing to do as a student. As much as you aspire to be like those Instagram health guru’s who posts constantly about their gym plans and sweet potato and quinoa bites, it’s not as easy when you have a pile of readings, and sometimes -you have to settle with a piece of pizza and counting the walk up the market stairs as your exercise for the day. With a hectic student schedule, trying to fit in classes, social life, work, homework etc, can definitely be hard to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

Don’t fret, cause you’re not the only one who has this problem. Here’s a few ideas that can come in handy for those who are looking to get on track!

Meal Prep:

Pick a night where you can make the time to cook a few meals. Even one big meal, that you can dish out into a couple of tupperware containers and store in the fridge. Meal prepping is good for the busy student for a number of reasons; you’re able to take a container to school and have in between classes, which means you won’t be spending any money on junk foods, like pizza. Not only is it good for you, but it’s good for your wallet too.

Make time to exercise:

I’m not saying you have to dedicate an hour or more to the gym every single day or that you have to become a body builder overnight. As nice as that would be, sometimes it’s not always possible. It’s the simple things, like choosing to walk somewhere instead of drive, or taking time in between classes to go and walk or jog on the treadmill for a bit. As busy as you can get, it’s always important to make time for yourself. The Zone is great for having one hour classes that you can take in between courses to both stay fit and destress.

Plan your days:

Get a schedule going. It ensures you follow through on your plans for the day. 5-8 class in DHOWES? See you from 8-9 at the Zone. Even if you just run a few laps around the track, take time to destress before heading home to tackle readings. You’ll feel more rested, less anxious and have much more focus.

Give yourself a break:

Sometimes, fitting everything in a day can get hectic and difficult. Don’t push yourself too far. Make time for yourself, plan some time where you can just relax with friends, or take a night off. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and if you need a break to watch a quick episode of your favourite show – do it! I know, I know, it’s definitely easier said than done, but hopefully these simple tricks will ensure that you are able to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle while at school.

You’ve got this!