1. Bring your Laptop: If you don’t have a laptop, or you’re one of those “laptops are too big to carry to school” people, then bring an iPad or a tablet. It is extremely necessary to have some form of technology that is not a phone to be with you. This is a necessity for two reasons. 1) Makes for easy typing of notes and not having to get pissed off when the prof decides to skip to the next slide (insert: “are you kidding me?”) and 2) there is no way that anyone can pay attention for 3 hours straight without a little Facebook and Twitter TLC to ease the pain of the next 3 hours.
  2. Cherish that 15-minute (20-minute if you’re lucky) break: When the professor speaks your favorite sentence (“alright, let’s take a break”), get up out of those uncomfortable chairs and go for a walk. You can take a leisurely stroll, quick washroom break, or even a Tim Horton’s run. These 15-minute breaks will help you re-energize your brain and be able to focus better on the second half of the class.


  1. Eat BEFORE Class: Especially if you ended up with the 11am-2pm lecture. This is primetime for your body to want food, so in order to avoid the embarrassment and pain of a grumbling stomach, make sure you eat a big breakfast or brunch. This goes the same for any other 3-hour lecture – eat a big meal beforehand, as this will soothe aching stomachs as well as give you a better ability to focus on the class.
  2. Dress Comfortably: You need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the next 3 hours. Those plastic chairs are really not meant to be sat in for 3 hours straight, so this step is crucial to survival. Wearing comfortable clothes such as leggings (for girls, obviously), maybe some relaxed-fit jeans or potentially sweatpants (although I do not promote sweatpants at school) can do the trick. Basically, do what you gotta do.
  3. Have a Friend to Complain To: You’re just dying to let someone know about your “3-hours of torture!” and how the professor “wasn’t even talking loud enough, and those 3 guys in the back would not shut up!” Venting is a serious way to let out stress – have a friend who you can sit beside and vent with you.

Girl Talking

All in all, I know how bad 3-hour lectures are, but don’t forget that there will be a final exam at the end of the semester. AKA don’t be scrolling through Pinterest learning about how to bake a cheesecake when you need to know how to find the square roots and linear functions of some astronomical data (lol what?)

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