It is November which means our campus is becoming a germ infested area. We cannot avoid this! We have been dealing with this since grade school, it is the fact of life when you put a large body of people together in close proximity germs spread.

But we can conquer these germs and keep ourselves in good health.


We all know that it is recommended we get 8 hours a night of sleep. But how many of us actually do? … Exactly! With simple time management you will be able to find 8 hours to dedicate to sleep. Even if you can’t find 8 hours a day, to make the most your sleep avoid alcohol or caffeine close to bedtime, as well finish your last meal 3 hours prior to closing your eyes.

Eating Right

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” It is important to eat healthy all the time but especially during this season. Your body relies on the nutrients you consume. Enjoy that Halloween candy but also enjoy some vegetables and not only the ones found on a pizza. Foods to consume include: citrus fruit, anything spicy, and soup.


We pay money included in our tuition so that we can use our school gym. Why not take advantage of it! Recreation services offer an amazing variety of programs are all abilities and fitness levels. Get your heart rate up Badgers!

Wash Your Hands

This is the simplest one to follow. By washing your hands regularly, you dilute the germs and give no time for the germs to spread. Also, around campus there are many hand sanitizer stations, use them just don’t abuse them for the next student.

Dress Appropriately

Don’t be fooled, it is cold now! Bundle up in those scarves and hats. Keep your neck protected from the wind. And most importantly LAYER! Each lecture hall is different temperature and sometimes colder than outside therefore dress in layers so you will always be a comfortable temperature.

Health Services

At Brock we have a walk in clinic on campus, just outside the Walker Complex. Trained doctors and nurses are available assist in any health issue. A little personal experience: last February when I was very ill they were incredible in getting me back to top health.

Badgers it is a war against germs, with these helpful reminders you can remain healthy and conquer those germs.

Be well BU and happy studying.