If You Are Graduating This year, Read This:

Whether you’re sick of hearing the dreaded question: “What are your plans after graduation?” or you’re so excited you can’t even pay attention in class anymore… we’ve got the soon-to-be grad checklist that you need!


Order your Grad photos:

Make sure you order your grad photos and set up an appointment! You can make an appointment through your my.brocku.ca student self serve!

Plan your summer:

One way to get motivated for life after university is to solidify your summer plans. Whether it is a cool volunteering gig, a summer job, or even travelling, start planning/applying for it now!

Also, if you’re looking for a summer job check CareerZone.brocku.ca to see all the Job postings!

Don’t succumb to the senioritis:

I know, I know, you’re almost done. BUT you want to make sure to don’t start slacking off now. You’ve probably put in so much effort into your degree that one more semester is nothing!

Keep in touch with the connections you’ve made:

Over the course of your degree you’ve probably made many important connections, both friendly and professional. So make sure that you still keep in touch with those people after you graduate because you never know if they can help you in the future!


Enjoy your last weeks!

With only a few weeks left until final exams, there’s sure to be some items left on your Badger bucket list. Have an awesome last few weeks, and treat yo’self to any last minute activities that you’ve always wanted to do here at Brock! Finally, congratulations Class of 2018… You’re almost there!

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