While some of us are just getting used to university and others are still in the process of settling back into life at Brock, it’s never too early to think about the next adventure- and what’s a better adventure than traveling abroad?! For anyone interested in traveling to another country, there are tons of incredible international opportunities coming up! Read on to figure out which type of program is best for you!

Field Courses:

For those of you interested in learning hands-on and getting a credit while traveling, a field course might be the perfect choice. Field courses allow students to take a course off-campus in order to learn through an experiential approach. Field courses at Brock are typically run through the department offering the course and can last approximately one to two weeks. These field courses allow students to work closely with professors in an environment that relates to whatever is being studied- which definitely makes the coursework more memorable. If this sounds interesting, check with your department to see if any field courses are being offered!


Photo: Brock University, International Services (Facebook)

Short-Term International Programs:

Short-Term International Programs are another amazing way to learn while traveling. There are several short-term programs offered for Brock students, so if you’re looking for something a little longer than a field course but shorter than an exchange, this might be for you! These programs might involve taking classes that go toward academic credit, or they could be experience-based, and typically they run for several weeks during the spring or summer. There are tons of programs available through Brock’s International Centre, giving you the opportunity to spend a summer in France with the ORA Summer Language Program, in Germany at the Mannheim Summer School, volunteering and studying in Namibia with Brock Abroad, and more. These programs are an amazing opportunity to experience the culture of another country while getting academic credit or volunteer experience.



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If you’re interested in becoming immersed in another culture through living and studying in another country, one of the absolute best ways to experience this is through an international exchange. Brock’s exchange program gives students the option of spending either one semester or a full year at another school, and the options are almost endless: Brock has partnerships with schools from countries all over the world. Whether you’ve always wanted to study in Australia, South Korea, France, the UK, or Brazil, these are all options for Brock students, as well as many more. One of the best parts about going on exchange through Brock is that you don’t have to worry about paying expensive international tuition fees- you pay your tuition directly to Brock.


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Volunteer Abroad Programs:

While not usually academically-based, volunteer abroad programs are an amazing way to learn about other communities and cultures. There are several incredible programs that Brock students can participate in, traveling to another country for anywhere from a few days to a month to volunteer in various roles. These programs allow you to gain volunteer skills and experience another culture, while using your spare time to travel. Two volunteer abroad programs at Brock include Solidarity Experiences Abroad and Brock Cares Alternative Reading Week.

No matter what type of international program interests you, it will be an absolutely incredible experience!