I know everyone is familiar of certain life hacks that can make their day a little easier, especially as University students. Putting dryer sheets in your vents to make your room smell better or making Mr. Noodles in a coffee pot; whichever they may be, students can get very creative with our life hacks. There are also hacks that can apply directly to a Brock Badger and our Main Campus. So here’s some Badger Hacks, whether you’ve already figured them out for yourself or not, they do come in handy from time to time

Taking the bus to Zone 2:

All you Zone 2 parkers know how long the walk is to your car. Sometimes, it can feel like you might as well be parking at the Lofts. Especially in the winter, that walk can be no fun at all. A quick Badger hack is hopping on the bus and taking it to Zone 2. It saves at least 5 minutes of a walk in the blistering cold, and gets you to your car quicker. Of course, you may have those individuals on the bus who roll their eyes when you pull the cord, but you paid for it. It’s a way to take advantage of your bussing privileges.

Crossing Campus without Stepping outside:

There’s many benefits of being a student at Brock University, including the fact that you’re able to walk through campus without having to step outside. In comparison to universities such as Western or Guelph, which have their separate buildings that take a 10 minute bus rid to get to, sometimes you can get to all your classes without ever having to face the cold.

Being the first person to start the second line-up at Market:

You know that guy. The first one to line up on the other side of the cashier when the line is getting longer and longer. The guy, who wasn’t necessarily next in line, but is the first to decide to start the second line on the other side of the cashier. Yes, that guy. As frustrated it may be to watch them get their meal paid for, while you’ve been standing in line for 10 minutes, they’re still the one walking away to find the last empty table. Sometimes you got to be that guy.

Textbooks on reserve:

Take advantage of your resources! Sometimes, if you can’t find a certain reading, or need to read a chapter in a textbook (that you hardly use in the class but are using it for one small reading, and you can’t seem to find yours, because, I mean, you probably lost, right?) then you may be able to utilize Brock’s wonderful library and selection of textbooks on reserve.

IRC —Instructional Resource Centre:

Many Badgers aren’t aware of the endless resource centres that Brock offers. The Instructional Resource Centre has a laminator, cutting utensils and a 3D printer. This is a great place to work on your group projects or other assignments.

I’m sure there are many more hacks when it comes to benefitting the Brock Badger, but hopefully some of these help to make your day a little easier when making your way through campus.