How connected are we these days? I don’t know about you, but I find myself hooked on social media more than I need to be at times. Ie: scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr posts. It’s crazy! When I look at the clock, I’m like, whoa… was I actually on (insert social media medium here) for that long?!?

All right, who’s on my boat? We’re waiting in line at the grocery store, and we’re HOOKED! We’re waiting at the bus stop, and we’re HOOKED! We’ve got an assignment due in a few hours and here we are scrolling through IG… we’re HOOKED!

So what’s the deal Badgers? Why are we so hooked?

As a first year student, I came to Brock with an open mind and goals: I’m going to make friends, do well in school, and have the time of my life! Within the first couple weeks of school, I noticed a trend – we’ve become a generation so hooked onto technology, that even I’m sucked into it!

Don’t get me wrong – technology is great and essential! We access our assignments, grades, emails, and so much more online, and we need it to stay connected with friends and family, miles away. However, we do need a balance. Ever thought of what you could be missing if you’re staring down at your phone or so tuned into your music?


As a person who likes to run/walk around the neighbourhood or along a trail, I’ve come to realize that my journey is so much more enjoyable when I’m “unplugged”; I hear children playing at the park, feel the cool breeze on my skin, smell the fresh cut grass, and every now and then I get to enjoy a sunset.

I’ve stood at the tower waiting for my bus, day after day, and it’s the same thing I see – we’re just stuck to our phones and have earphones in, that we’ve become so accustomed to hiding behind the screen. If we forget our phone at home, it’s like we’ve lost our life! It’s kind of like “cellphone fasting” LOL.

About a year ago, I tested myself by disconnecting from social media, specifically by deactivating my Facebook account. I planned to stay offline for 2 weeks and then reactivate exactly 2 weeks after the first day. To be completely honest, I actually found a sense of peace and value to everything else in life; like going to the gym, walking my dog and focusing on the walk, not my Facebook notifications, I even started enjoying running errands for my parents for Pete’s sake!

Back in May 2014, this video came out on Youtube called “Look Up” by Gary Turk.

I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but hey! It never hurts to send a nudge over to your super-connected-friend to actually TALK! From a person who uses social media every day, I honestly find it hard to “unplug”, even for a few hours. But try it out; see if there’s actually a difference when you’re off of your favourite social media sites/unplugging when you don’t really need to be “plugged in”. You know I’ve noticed a more enjoyable run/walk without it, now it’s your turn.

Life’s too short to miss opportunities and enjoy every minute of it. So I’ll leave you with this thought: What have you got to lose?


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