Hello fellow Badgers, my name is Layton, a current second year Geography student from the great town of Ajax! I am minoring in mathematics and economics and am possibly completing teachers college over seas in Wales! Yes, you read that right … Wales! When Im not dreaming about my next trip, I am finding a new recipe to try in the kitchen! Food is the love of my life (don’t judge, food is pretty awesome)and if I wasn’t in school for geography, I would be pursuing my passion in the art of culinary skills. Sports is another passion of mine, in the summer I practically live at the Rogers Centre cheering on Bluejays. In the winter, I am watching my Colts every sunday (occasionally Thursday and Monday) and then every other night Im switching between hockey (Go Oilers and Leafs) and basketball (#WeAreTheNorth). So if you ever want to talk sports let me know!

Being apart of this blog is super exciting for me as I love to share some of my knowledge and passion about this school and student life.
Here at Brock we are community and this blog will help empower that sense of place.

In summary I love Brock, sports and food … that is all you really need to know about me!

Stay tuned for my article “Top 5 Places to Study at Brock” due out October 24, 2014!