Mental health support and awareness on our campus is constantly growing, with new events, groups, and campaigns working to educate people, remove stigmas surrounding mental health, and provide resources. However, even with resources available, it can be difficult to know where to go for support. While we have many resources on campus that each contribute in a unique way to the mental health support network, in this post I’ll just highlight a few and what each of these can provide for students at Brock.


Health Services

First of all, Health Services can provide mental health support for Brock students. Health Services is located in Harrison Hall (beside Campus Security) and has another centre near East Academic, and students can make appointments through their website or use the walk-in clinic for urgent care. The staff available include physicians, nurses, a mental health nurse, psychiatrists, and an eating disorder specialist, and these staff members are there to assist any students looking for support. There is confidential mental health support available, which is open for all Brock students to access, and provides support by matching students with staff members that can best assist them. To book an appointment at Health Services, follow this link. If it’s your first time visiting Health Services, make sure to bring your OHIP or UHIP card along with your student card.


Photo: Brock University Mental Health and Wellness page

Free Personal Counselling

Another resource for mental health support that we have on campus is free personal counselling. This service is completely free, completely confidential, and is open for all Brock students to use. Students can choose to access personal counselling for a variety of reasons, meeting with personal counsellors to discuss things like stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationships- or anything else. These trained counsellors can provide support and direct students to resources, and can also support students who are just looking for someone to listen. This support can be beneficial for all students, regardless of why they chose to go. Personal Counselling is in a convenient location- the office is on the fourth floor of Schmon Tower near the Student Awards and Financial Aid office. To book an appointment for free personal counselling, follow this link to the website or give them a call at x3240


Photo: Advocacy (Facebook)

BUSU’s Advocacy Department

Another resource that students can make use of is BUSU’s Advocacy Department. This week, the Advocacy Department is running a campaign collecting feedback from students on the types of mental health resources that should be improved upon in Canada’s healthcare system. The Advocacy team will be out in Mackenzie Chown A Block, and students can come by to learn about the new Health Accord that will be impacting Canada’s healthcare system, and the current statistics on mental health resource funding. This is an opportunity to share your own ideas on the types of mental health resources that should be available. On Wednesday there will be care packages being given out as well!


Photo: Mental Health & Masculinity (Facebook)

This Thursday there will be an event put on by BUSU’s Advocacy Department and the Student Justice Centre called Mental Health & Masculinity. The guest speaker coming to this event is Jeff Perera, who has given two TEDx talks and works to engage, educate, and empower men. There will also be a panel made up of Brock students to discuss mental health and masculinity on our campus. This event will take place in Academic South 217 from 5-7pm, and everyone is welcome to attend. More information on this event can be found here.


Photo: Active Minds at Brock University (Facebook)

Another resource we have on campus is the Active Minds club. Through events and fundraisers this club works to raise awareness of mental health and suicide among students and to remove the stigma surrounding mental health topics. Active Minds provides resources to support students, including a website with information on mental health support. Active Minds is currently running a mental health pledge called #AMPledge to raise awareness about mental health, which involves taking a picture or a video saying why you’re taking the pledge. The pledge can also be signed online here. If you’re interested in learning more about Active Minds, visit their website or check out their Facebook page to learn more about current events and how to get involved with this club.


Photo: Active Minds Brock University

Taking care of our mental health is incredibly important, and this can involve making use of our on-campus resources like Health Services and Personal Counselling, discussing mental health topics with our Advocacy Team or the Active Minds club, or coming out to events on campus like this week’s Mental Health & Masculinity event. There are many more resources on campus to support mental health aside from these that have been mentioned, and hopefully this network will continue to grow to support the needs of all students.