Hello Brock Badgers and soon-to-be Badgers! Being a new university student can be stressful and pretty overwhelming, especially if everything’s new and unfamiliar to you. If you’re considering Brock University, or if you want to get a little more familiar with the layout of the place, I’ve got the perfect tips on how to navigate Brock.

Mackenzie Chown


Okay, so here’s the quick summary for surviving Mackenzie Chown: If you’re going to a lab or handing in a chem assignment, go left at B block. If you’re going to a humanities seminar or handing in a math assignment, go right at B block. The mathematics area is at the very end of the hall after you go right, and up the staircase. It’ll bring you into J block. The chemistry hand in box is just halfway down the hall before the area with all the laboratories.

Mackenzie Chown is a bit of a maze, especially if you’re new to the place. A good tip is just to spend one of your break times between classes exploring Mackenzie Chown with your friends. Just beware of doors locking on you if you step outside, sometimes the doors by Pond Inlet are lock on the outside. Plus you can find a lot of interesting displays hanging around the halls of MacChown.

Shortcut to Market


At the front of tower, the door right next to the library entrance will take you straight to Guernesy Market if you follow the signs directing you there.


If you want to avoid the Thistle Hall during rush hour, the little staircase in Market (across from the caf) will bring you up to third or fourth floor of Thistle and on the fourth floor you can head out the doors and straight to the roof, which bring me to my next point.



If you have classes in Thistle on an upper floor, you can use the stairs outside and around the front of the school, and avoid the rush in the halls, plus you get to enjoy a bit of sunshine in the spring! These are the doors leading to the upper lecture halls of Thistle.


The elevators at the very front of the school take you up to the first four floors of tower which are usually financial aid and registrar offices. If you want to go up to the fifth to tenth floor to study, you have to take the elevators behind those ones. Just go into the library and walk around. If the line is long and you prefer to walk, just take the stairs! They’re just past the library elevators, before the librarian’s office.

Stay Inside


In the winter time, if you want to avoid shuffling in and out of the cold, most of the buildings are connected (that is, unless you have to cross the street to East Academic, you poor souls). If you’re leaving DHowes, just take the stairs up and turn right and follow the hall, it’ll bring you right to the Brock General Store and Academic South.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ve missed something, so leave your comments and other suggestions and tips below. Thanks for reading,  and good luck to all you incoming first year students! Don’t forget, if you ever need help with directions, just ask the front desk. They can direct you to wherever you need to go, and campus maps are also available there. Hope this helped a little. Let me know what I missed in the comments below!