I will be the first to admit, ever since November, I’ve been saying, “New Year, New Me” not realizing that once again that’s the mentality of everyone else I know. However, there is a difference between me and the tons of other people who have said that exact phrase. Actions speak louder than words, so instead of just saying that 2017 is the year change is going to happen in your life, do it. Each year, people make this beautiful list of New Year’s Resolutions: Go to the gym, eat healthier, stop procrastinating, the list goes on. It seems that these are the same resolutions that get recycled every year. There is a couple of ways to stick the resolutions that we make every year, but at the end of the day, it all depends on you.


This is one of the biggest changes that has to be made to achieve the goals in any regard. You should be in the right mindset to stick with the resolutions you make, start to finish. Most people just get lazy and give up on the resolution all together. Don’t do that! If you have a set of resolutions for your life, you know that achieving these things will only make you better as a person. Write down your goals for this year, and identify the most realistic ones you know you want to achieve, and make a plan with how you are going to reach those goals step by step.

Find Alternatives:

There are some resolutions that are harder to achieve than others, simply because life gets in the way. For example, going to the gym. Not everyone has the time or energy to be going to the gym every day for at least an hour, then go home and do homework, cook, clean, etc. Instead of slacking off, just find ways to incorporate exercises in your day. Go to the gym on your lunch break for 30 minutes or go for a evening jog with a friend. If you find that it seems hard to find time to practice it, be creative and find different ways to incorporate it into your everyday life – and this goes for any resolution

Stay On Track:

Nobody is perfect, and it makes sense if there is the one or two times that you slack off. It’s okay, just make sure that you make up for it. The best way to stay focused and keep on track is to record your progress. This way you know how far you’ve come in your goal and how much more you still have to achieve. Take photos of your progress, treat yourself at every milestone. We all fall off track, but don’t make it a big deal!


Be Positive:

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you manage to slip up once or twice. Just keep persevering, and surely, you will achieve your goal. Try changing your atmosphere if needed. If you are surrounded by negative people, remove them from your life, as they could be acting as a hindrance from accomplishing your goals. Be positive in the way you talk as well, as you change your mindset into believing what dreams you can complete this year. You know what you need better than anyone else!

As the month of January is nearly over, try to keep these tips in mind for the rest of the year. Good luck on completing all your resolutions this year, Badgers! We got this!