Grape & Wine

Photo: Naturally in Niagara

Now that Summer is slowly coming to an end, I have one thing on my mind…Grape & Wine festival. As a St. Catharines native and fellow wine lover, the annual festival provides an insight of what is to come for the upcoming season. The 65th Annual Grape & Wine festival will be taking place over two weekends (Sept 16-18) and (Sept 23-25) in Montebello Park in St. Catharines and features 38 different wineries from the region. Just to give you an idea of how big Niagara’s wine country is, we have roughly 100 wineries.


Photo: Naturally in Niagara

The festival is a great way to bring together those just getting into wine for the first time and those who have always loved wine. If you are trying wine for the first time and are not really sure what you like, the simplist thing you can do is tell the wine expert working at the booth and they can advise you. A must if you are trying wine for the first time is Moscato, its fruity and delicious! Each year there is a new collectable wine glass and tokens can be purchsed for $3.25 each. To give you an idea 1 token will get you your collectable wine glass and 2 tokens for 2 ounces of wine.


However, if you are not a wine drinker there are three other reasons to attend the festival, the first one has to do with FOOD! The Niagara Wine festival is also a hub for food lovers and music lovers, I don’t know about you but I certainly have a weakness for food…especially food trucks. The second reason is to support Canadian artists, with a stacked lineup this year, you should definitely consider making an appearance. The final reason is to attend the parade!! This coming Saturday morning, join the thousands of people gathering in the streets of downtown St. Catharines to watch the annual parade.

But before we drink any wine, we have to make it. This is where you come in, join the messiest tradition we have on campus, the annual grape stomp. A metric tonne of grapes are brought in each year and the goal is simple stomp and crush grapes the old fashioned way. Get a group of friends together and sign up, the event is this Friday, September 16th in the Jubilee Courtyard from 12-2pm. There will be various contests running throughout the event such as “Best Costume” and “Best Spirit”. ExperienceBU is also encouraging everyone coming out to the event to bring food donations for our on campus food bank. There will also be a prize for the team that donates the most food items.


If this doesn’t look like fun to you, I don’t know what does.


For more information check out Niagara Wine Festival