Hey Badgers,

O-Week has finally ended and school is officially in full swing! Both Seminar rooms and lecture halls are going to be filled with eager students waiting to learn all they can about various topics. It’s only been a few days, but it’s never too early to relive O-Week. This year, Brockchella was taken to a whole new level  that was nothing but exciting from start to finish. If you missed out, here’s a highlight of a few of the events that took place over the week.

Tower Party:

Tower Party was the kick off of O-Week, and the energy that First Year student’s brought did not disappoint! The tower party had great vibes, great tunes and even greater people! If you stayed in to read books like I did in first year; you really missed out on a great night! Even the General statue had a great time.

Paint Party:

What’s better than a paint party? A paint party at Brock. The paint party was a blast for everyone – from the staff that was blasting paint to the students leaving with smiles on their faces. It was so cool to see how many students got excited to dance to great music and get sprayed with paint. The baby badgers sure know how to bring the energy to any party.


Comedy Night:


This year, we moved Comedy Night from Isaac’s into Bob Davis Gym to allow more students to laugh until their cheeks turned red. The line up this year was fantastic; featuring comics Trixx, K Trevor Wilson and more. It was great to sit back and enjoy a night of laughter along with students, also take a break from the parties!


Vendor Fair:

Vendor Fair is every student’s heaven. You get a ton of free stuff and great opportunities from companies from all over Niagara Region. It was great to see first years and returning students excited to learn about the various services, groups, etc. that they would find both on-campus and in the community around Brock and how they can get involved in different areas.


To all those who came out to Brockchella this year, it wouldn’t be possible without you; so thank you! If you missed it, mark your calendars from now: Frost Week 2017 is coming up and if it’s anything like Frosh Week – prepare to be amazed.