Good afternoon Badgers!

I’m super excited today because our long awaited O-WEEK SWAG is in! Which means the countdown is officially on for O-week, residence move-in day, and all things fun here at Brock! Since we love our readers so much at Student Powered, we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek at some of the cool things we’ll be handing out during O-week! Look out for the marketing team driving around in golf carts during move-in day, vendor fair, and all other BUSU events!

You asked, and we delivered! Here is just some of our 2015 O-week Swag:

First up we have our Brockchella cups! They also change colour when you pour a cold beverage into them, perfect for living in res or off-campus, as they won’t break.

FullSizeRender (2)

Next, we have our paint party glasses! If your a VIB this year then you NEED a pair! Our paint party on Friday night will get messy! Wearing these will protect your eyes from paint but also glow-in-the-dark sticking with our theme!

IMG_0949 (2)

After a long week of staying up late, meeting new people, and finding your way around Brock, it will be time to settle into a routine. If you plan on using the gym at Brock (it’s free) you have to take one of our new shaker bottles with you! This swag item was hand picked by our VPSS Brian Horvath and is definitely one of our best yet! Be sure to pick one up during O-week as they will go fast!


During Brockchella, we want to make sure all of our new Badgers stay fresh! So we thought, what better way to do that then with our very own Brockchella mint gum!


Last but definitely not least! We have our Advocacy ear buds! These are great for keeping in your backpack, or using them at the gym. Be sure to grab some during vendor fair or visit the Advocacy hub during the year to get more of their great swag items or become involved in their campaigns!


We can’t wait to see everyone at O-week! And there will be more Swag-we had to leave a few surprises!