Hey Badgers!

One way to improve your skills, gain new experiences and boost your resume while attending University is to apply for an on-campus job! It is a great way to save up for the future or have a little extra spending money for right now. Brock has many job opportunities in many different areas. Think about your interests, your program, and what job might complement them both.

Here are some great jobs available on campus!

Do you like making connections?

Campus Tour Guide – Are you good at walking backwards? Every year Brock students are hired to give on campus tours to incoming prospective students and their families. This is a great way to develop your presentation skills and learn a little Brock history.

Resident Assistant – Resident Assistants, or “Dons”, as we call them here at Brock, are responsible for overseeing the safety and overall well being of the residents on their floor. Between planning programs, floor and staff meetings, and on-call shifts, RA’s basically need to be masters of balancing their time. Although the job can be demanding, it has some amazing perks, like making new connections, building transferable skills and, of course, free accommodation!

Barista – Do you like the hustle and bustle of student life? Put yourself right in the action by becoming a barista! Brock has multiple locations like the Learning Commons and Starbucks, who need enthusiastic and friendly students to help their peers stay caffeinated!


Welcome Desk Staff – Almost every department and services need front-line support on their behalf, providing assistance to students and handling administrative duties. Perfect for those who are detail-oriented and enjoy working with people.

Library Assistant – If you like quiet spaces, then spend your hours surrounded by books and help others find the ones they are looking for. Not too shabby for the avid reader!

Campus Store Associate – Put your customer service skills to good use. Working at the campus store will give you experience in the retail environment, and you might even get a discount!

Are you savvy with technology? 

IT Services – If you have computer skills and or would like to develop your knowledge of computers, it would be a good idea to join the IT student staff. Many of these folks work in the computer commons helping students with their basic IT needs.

Do you enjoy helping others learn?

Teaching Assistant – Lead seminars, help mark papers and provide students with support! Becoming a TA is a sure fire way to build new skills and not to mention it looks great on a resume! At Brock, most TA positions are held by graduate students. However, there are some opportunities for some undergraduate students in certain departments.

Peer Tutor – If you excel at a certain subject, why not help your fellow peers by providing one-one-one assistance for those who are struggling.

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Note-taker – Do you have excellent note taking abilities? Brock is always looking for students to provide notes from their lectures and seminars for students with disabilities.

Do you like staying active? 

Fitness Instructor – Inspire others to get fit, while increasing your own endorphins and getting paid at the same time!

Life Guard – Oversee the safety and enjoyment of those at the Brock pool. You can even sneak in a swim before or after your shift!


Are you interested in research? 

Research Assistant – Departments are always looking for students to help assist with research projects in labs. This means helping your Professor with anything they need for the study, like gathering and collating data.

Study Participant – Keep an eye out for fliers on any of the bulletin boards. Chances are there is one looking for students to participate in a research study. This is a great way to earn some cash on the side!

Do you like media and communications? 

Social Media Coordinator – If you’re obsessed with using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, then what better job for you than social media coordinator? Many Brock departments and organizations are looking for media gurus who will help spread their message and provide information for students.


Marketing Assistant/Coordinator – Do you want to develop your writing skills? Think about a job in marketing! Marketing and communication is a skill that is applicable to a wide range of careers and disciplines. We should all learn how to market and promote the work we do!

Events Assistant/Coordinator – For those who love to plan and party at the same time. All events assistants are responsible for the organization and implementation of on campus (and sometimes community) events.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below and good luck to everyone on their job hunts!

You can find jobs postings and more information on the following sites. Also, be sure to check your department’s website.

Recreation Services 
Brock Residence 
Student Life and Community Experience 
Brock Dining Services 
Human Resources