So you’ve got the acceptance, thrown the confetti and done your happy dance…now what? THIS is when the excitement begins. If you’ve already applied for residence, your assignments for rooms and roommates are around the corner!

PRO-TIP #1: Once you’ve received that anticipated email from Brock Residence, it will list your designated residence and room assignment. It doesn’t list your potential roommates, but you can use the Accepted – Brock University Class of 2020 group on Facebook to try and find your roomies, as well as floormates, or people in your court or stairwell. Take the opportunity to get to know each other, and get the ball rolling on discussing your living habits and see who’s bringing what to ensure you have everything you need.

As tempting as it is to pack all of your life belongings, the rooms are definitely not big enough to hoard all your things. Before you leave home, check what’s already in each accommodation and what you already have so you don’t have to start from scratch. Be sure to check out various places for deals on back to school supplies and furnishings!

PRO-TIP#2: Try out Amazon Student, they’ve got pretty great deals on school supplies and furnishings – Best part? Online shopping is like a present from you to you AND it’s free to sign up and free two-day shipping for six months! There’ll be links throughout the post to give you some inspiration 🙂

If you haven’t got a clue on where to start, we’ve got you covered with this standard checklist! Here are a few do’s and don’ts for packing (keep in mind this list may need to be modified according to what style residence you are assigned.


Bathroom Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

PRO-TIP #3: *Only non-traditional residences are allowed to bring kitchen utensils and appliances, take the time to confer with your future roomies with what everyone needs/has so there aren’t multiples of everything! Decide ahead of time if you will be sharing things like plates and utensils or bringing your own.

Cooking Ingredients / Food

When the meal plan dollars and the meals you’re having are starting to look a little sad you’re going to be thanking your lucky stars when you’ve got your stash of food and snacks. Again, for non-traditional residences, decide if you will be doing a collective shop, fending for yourselves or a mixture of both! Don’t forget to ask each other about dietary needs/ allergies. For now here are some basics!

Canned, Frozen and Packaged Food

*whether it’s for on the go or when you’ve got to start pinching those meal plan dollars, these will satisfy your hunger and your wallet.

PRO-TIP #4: Residences usually request that you label your boxes and belongings ahead of time, stay on top of the labelling so come move in time, it is not only easy for the incredible volunteers but also to organize and unpack!

Before you go dragging your parents off to Ikea, be sure to check out the brocku.ca/residence for a list of furnishings that you are and aren’t allowed! With the possibility of room inspections, any furniture that isn’t allowed may lead to write-ups.



And the most important thing you need to pack:


Click here for a printable list!

Looks like you’re just about ready to become a badger! Have an awesome summer, and I look forward to seeing you at O-WEEK!

Irah Nor