Every week at Student Powered we will be highlighting a club to give students an inside look at what it’s really like to be a member in a Brock club. We will cover everything from what happens at meetings, to how much of a time commitment students should expect. The hope is that if you are interested in joining a club this will give you an inside look at what to expect.

This week, we’ve decided to highlight PlayMakers. This club was originally started three years ago by a Sport Management student, Adham Shama and has since become one of Brock’s largest clubs. I know what you’re thinking-what is this loud group of individuals so passionate about anyways? And who’s calling the shots as to where the funds raised are going? So here it is…

What is PlayMakers all about?
• Raising money to purchase sporting equipment for underprivileged children in other countries or locally
• Money is raised by holding sports tournaments throughout the year here at Brock
• Students at Brock are encouraged to sign up for tournaments such as flag football, soccer, and dodge ball
• 100% of the money raised goes to different organizations

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How is the money raised distributed?
• Members vote on where the money raised should go
• This past summer, money raised from a tournament was used to send equipment with one member to Lebanon:

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What should someone expect at a meeting?
• Contribute ideas to future events/ tournaments
• Discuss upcoming and previous events
• Be assigned a task for an upcoming event (promotion, set-up, sign -up tables)


So the big question is, why join?
After doing some serious Facebook lurking (how do you think I got these photos) and speaking with a few of the members, it sounds like they really do make a difference. Not to mention tournaments are a great excuse to have fun with your friends for the day. If you’re passionate about helping people, and are eager to get involved then I would recommend this club. One of the motto’s used by this particular club is through happiness we provide happiness…If that doesn’t make you want to become involved then I don’t know what will.

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What’s next?
• Sign up for their upcoming flag football tournament on November 7th
• Contact playmakers@busu.net if you are interested in joining