For many of us, we are gearing up for exams while others are finishing up last minute assignments before term ends. But for the following four gentleman the summer means work to continue to better the student experience and quality of life at Brock U. With 28.4% of the student body voting this years representatives are clearly the students choice.

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Moving up the order of commands from his role from VPFA to President is Kyle Rose. After receiving 70% of total votes, Kyle background and expertise presents the potential for a successful year as BUSU’s top gun.

“My past experiences as a varsity athlete, VPFA, and as an entrepreneur have helped me develop as a person and have led me to feeling completely prepared for the transition into presidency. As a varsity athlete I  developed grit, which is defined as perseverance towards a long term goal. As VPFA I learned corporate governance and the organizational structure of the students’ Union while honing leadership skills and as an entrepreneur I have developed the ability to find creative solutions to big problems. It is exactly because of these experiences that I feel as though I am ready to lead!”

Realizing its an ambitious but attainable goal Kyle is “most looking forward to reaching [his] goal of aiding the Vice Presidents in their ability to complete their platform points before summer is ended.This way as [they] will all be ready for whatever happens during the year and will have the ability to do much more for students.”

Kyle has began accomplishing his platform points. With having “completed the study room platform point, allowing students to study in seminar rooms during the exam period while being monitored by student health and safety trainer volunteers. The rest of [his] platform points are in motion as well. [Kyle] should point out though that this is a direct result of already being in office as VPFA (which is an unfair advantage compared to the new exec) and having finished [his] current platform a months ago, the rest of the new executive are well on their way as well!”

Kyle’s final thoughts:

I would just have all students know that this coming year they will have a very creative and passionate executive working hard to ensure that this year is the best year BUSU and Brock have had yet!!

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In charge of the money this year is Spencer Dawson, after receiving 67% of the student votes.

Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to work for the Smart Start Orientation program as both a Team Assistant, and Team Leader, and more recently working for Student Life and Community Experience dealing mainly with Off-Campus Living & Neighbourhood Relations. These jobs among various other volunteer opportunities have allowed me to talk to thousands of student about their experience at Brock thus far, as well as what they expect to get out of their university experience. They have also helped to equip me with knowledge of all services and programs that Brock offers to students, as well as the ability to connect and network with students, staff, and administration on many different levels. Up until last October, when I ran for a 2 year term to serve on Senate, I had no prior experience with politics on campus. This has helped me tremendously with understanding the various steps and procedures that we need to take in order to get things done in the most efficient way.

Spencer is most looking forward to “improving the overall student experience both in an out of the classroom. By enhancing current services, adding new services, improving communication between administration and students on current events and involvement opportunities, providing students with new ways to save money, receive a credit for extra-curricular involvement, and much more”

Although the official start date is May 1st, 2015, Spencer as an incoming executive, have already begun to get his projects well on their way to ensure that his was well as his fellow executive platforms will be done well before the end of next year.

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The “fun police” for the upcoming year is headed by Brian Horvath, who received 31% of the total votes. Promising microwaves and more events next year is sure to be a good one!

“My prior experience has really enabled me to develop my communication skills. I am very confident and comfortable in my abilities to act as the voice of the students to work as part of a team or an individual to deliver the students the best university experience possible.”

Brian is most looking forward to providing students with more microwaves which he is currently focussing on. YES STUDENTS THEY ARE COMING!! He has already attending meetings where discussion has occurred about locations, maintenance and of course power. So rest assured and don’t riot come September I’m sure there will be more.

Brian’s final thoughts:

Have a good and safe summer and see you in September!

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After winning the closest race of the election with 36% of the total votes, Antonio nicknamed “the wolf” is determined to make the most of next year representing the student body outside campus on a larger scale.

“My prior experiences over the past 5 years have prepared me personally and professionally in many ways. Volunteering with the Advocacy department in my second year, following my summer as part of the SMART START experience, introduced me to the wide variety of student issues that needed to be addressed. The following year I was hired to lead the Advocacy team in a coordinator role. This allowed me to process campaign feedback and present it back to the administration and elected representatives to make realistic change possible. After sitting on the Board of directors as vice chair, and then chair of the board, I learned the administrative practices of BUSU and I knew that pursing the Vice Presidency, external affairs, was the best option to incorporate everything I have learned into a strategy to improve the student experience at Brock and in the Niagara community.”

Antonio is most looking forward to accomplishing “the outreach and engagement with the student body through Advocacy campaigns and events which will enhance the quality of the lobbying efforts that [he] will be engaging in over the course of the year at the municipal, regional, provincial and federal levels. [Antonio is] especially looking forward to playing a leadership role within the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA)”.

Although his term does not start till May 1  he has “been preparing the structures, proposals, and strategies to ensure that the platform can come to fruition within [his] term. [Antonio has] met with Brock University Administration as well as elected representatives, student lobby groups and community partners to ensure that initiatives such as; the Landlord Tenant Relations Board, Decew Rd. Lighting, Paul Hansell Foundation Mental Health Awareness Hockey Game, and OSAP/ Grants reform are properly implemented”.

Antonio’s final thoughts:

My platform consists of three pillars, they are; financial sustainability, academic success, and safer community standards. Each of these three pillars relate to the 5 CORE platform points. In order for the lobbying efforts to be effective, we need as much engagement and feedback with the student body as possible. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@TeamSergi) and/or Instagram (@TeamSergi1) to stay up to date on what is going on in terms of external affairs that will affect the quality of life of Brock Students and the entire Niagara community.


2015 BUSU Election Results