Welcome back Badgers,

Hopefully you all enjoyed your winter break and were able to stuff your faces with food and spend time with your families. Unfortunately, winter break can only last so long, and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. If you’re not that enthusiastic about school—like the majority of us—it can sometimes be a hard thing to do. With second semester off to a start, students who are still in that winter break daze might need a couple of pointers on how to ensure that this semester starts off right.

  1. Go to class

Easy enough, right? Well, I know those 8 am classes are hard to wake up for, especially when the school is covered under 40 ft of snow, but don’t be that student who gets lost in the curriculum within the first few weeks. It might be hard, but falling behind will make your life harder. Grab a coffee, bundle yourself up, and make it to those dreadful 8 am classes—I swear, you’ll thank yourself for it by exam time.


2. Keep An Agenda

A way to stay on top of things is to put important dates into your agenda. Don’t have an agenda? Your phone works too. A helpful tip is to go through your syllabuses during the first few weeks of class and jotting down all assignment dates and deadlines. This helps you stay prepared for what the week ahead has in store for you.

3. Get to Know Your Classmates

Nothing’s worse than being in a class with people you don’t know. Make some friends, sit beside someone in class and introduce yourself. Nothing comes in handy quite like having a study partner come exam time.


4. Get to know your TA

Getting to know your TA is always helpful. You don’t have to take them to breakfast or plan to hangout on the weekend or anything—just simply introducing yourself, knowing their office hours and email is really beneficial. It ensures that they know who you are, and can help you achieve that mark you’re striving for.

4. Know your priorities 

Plan your time around your assignments. Make the most out of the last few months of school by managing your time and priorities. It ensures that you’re weekends will be filled with friends and fun, while not having to worry about last minute assignments or course material. Know when to stay in and get your work done, and when it’s time to go hang out with friends.


These tips can ensure that your semester starts off on the right foot. It’s time to shake yourself out of that winter break mentality and give your best for the last few months of the school year. Come on Badgers, you’re half way there!When-He-Busted-Out-His-Best-High-School-Musical-Moves