Moving into a student house can be an exciting but stressful process. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, you have to, especially when its someone you’ll be sharing a house with. Before signing a lease with someone, make sure you know what kind of roommate they would be. Even though someone might be a good friend, they don’t always make a good roommate. So make sure you know what you’re signing up for, and to prevent as many passive aggressive fights and frustrated landlords, here are a few red flags to look for when looking for a roommate:

  1. They’re Messy

A definite red flag. Always make sure to take a look at their organizational skills. Do they keep things relatively neat and organized? Or are they chaotic? If you decide that their cleanliness isn’t a factor that you want to consider, don’t forget to look into the grander scheme of things. Do you want to share a bathroom with them? Will you be okay with their dishes in the sink? It’s important that your cleanliness levels are compatible.roommate-notes-20

2. They Don’t Respect Privacy

Nothing worse than a roommate that knows no boundaries.


3. Not-So-Friendly Friend Group

Take a look at who they associate with and what their group of friends are like. Would you be comfortable with having them over? Perhaps their group of friends reflect what they’re like as a person. And don’t forget that these people will be hanging around pretty often.


4. Bad History As A Roommate

What kind of things did their old roommates say about them? If this is their second time moving in with roommates, what was their reason for leaving? Sometimes you have to look back on their history with their roommates.

5. Difference in Priorities

Its important to be on the same page as your roommate. Make sure your priorities match up. You don’t want to deal with a roommate who doesn’t know when to balance school and their social life. Make sure your priorities are the same!

Even though moving in with roommates can be stressful, it can also be the start to the best times of your life. So make sure the roommate chemistry works out, and look for these red flags so you can live drama-free!