Resolutions are almost always geared towards bettering yourself from last year, last month, or yesterday. When I think of resolutions, I think about goals. When I think about setting goals, I get amped and excited to start working towards them… that said, January was the month when we all said, “I’m gonna start going to the gym more”, “This semester I’m gonna get my ‘nerd on’ and study up!”, “I’ve got to start saving money” — well done, you’ve set your resolutions (goals), but how are they doing now, now that we’re nearly 3 months into 2015?

I know for me, I get discouraged when I fall behind from where I really want to be. How can we be more positive and manage our time more wisely to keep up with our resolutions? Badgers, it’s time for a resolution check-up.

1. Review what your resolutions were.

Jan 1
It’s one thing to set your resolutions, but it’s another to remember what they where. In the hype of the New Year rolling in, it’s easy to want to ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ because everyone else is wanting to ‘do this’ and ‘do that’, too. Recall what it was you wanted to accomplish when the new year started. Got them? Great. Write those down — again.

2. Write “yes”, “in-progress”, or “uh-oh” beside each resolution you had written down.

Thinking MonkeyLet’s get real — you’re either on point, working on it, or haven’t even started. For the ‘haven’t really started’, it’s OK! You’re not the only one. Sometimes it’s just a matter of giving yourself a reality check because you’ve set the bar too high. We’re our worst enemies, and we can be pretty hard on ourselves at not reaching our goals. Check out this goal pyramid for an example to “lose 15 lbs, run a 10K”.Goal Pyramid

3. If you failed, take baby steps to attain them — plan ahead!

Goal settingNow that you remember what your resolutions were, know where you’re at, it’s time to re-think the plans you gave yourself. You can always change it up to fit your organization style. Set up personal deadlines to reach your goals and break them down into small chunks. If your resolution was to get fit and eat healthier, use a calendar or agenda as a Fitness Log of your workout and meals.

4. Keep a success log.Success is 99 attitude

As you complete each baby step you’ve given yourself to attain each resolution or goal, mark it down. You need positive reinforcement to keep you motivated. Remember that negative thought you had because you missed the gym this week because of an essay deadline you had to meet? Stop. You’ve already decided to make a change, you went to the gym 4 times last week, and your essay was handed in on time. Look at how far you’ve come and keep that chin up! If you continuously focus on what you haven’t done, odds are you’ll just keep digging a deeper hole of negativity for yourself. You’re human too!

5. Reward yourself with every accomplishment and move onto the next one!

Reward Yourself

So you’re going to the gym regularly now, lost 5 lbs, and you’re getting 70s instead of 60s in your classes. Give yourself a pat on the back, stand in front of the mirror and do your happy dance! Treat yourself to a juicy burger from The Works, (became a personal favourite), watch a movie, curl up with a warm cup of tea and a book, watch that Game of Thrones episode you’ve been waiting to see on Netflix. Once you’ve rewarded yourself with something you enjoy, move onto the next goal and repeat these steps.

Hope that helped you re-check your resolutions. Don’t be discouraged, and remember to realize how far you’ve come!