Hey Badgers!

As we enter our last stretch of the school year, many of us are looking into summer employment, or—if you’re a graduate—full-time employment! The process of applying for jobs can be a stressful one, so make sure your resume is up to par before you start handing them out! Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts that can ensure your resume is one that will snag you a wicked job.


Keep It Professional 

Make sure your resume is as professional as can be! Remember that it is supposed to highlight YOU, and the goal is to impress the employer and hopefully have an interview.


Keep it Under Two Pages

Employers don’t have all day to sit there and read your resume, so keep it short and sweet, but make sure you don’t leave out the good stuff!



Spell Check

Don’t get sloppy, look over your resume before you hand it in, and ensure that you haven’t misspelled any words!


Keep it Relevant to the Job You’re Applying To

Unlike when you were applying to your first job and you didn’t have much to put on your resume, now you should be able to construct a formal resume that appeals to the job your applying for.


A Cover Letter

Always a bonus. It allows you to give a little bit more information about yourself, which can be beneficial when being considered for a position. Most positions will also ask for one, so be sure to include it!




It’s never a good idea to lie on a resume. More often then not, your employer will realize you were lying when it comes to doing something specific. Make a good impression and just be honest! It will save you in the long-run.


Use Slang

Once again, keep it professional. This is a resume, not a Facebook message to your friend, meaning you can say things like “really tho” or “LOL”.


Add Your References

Unless asked otherwise, it’s usually a better idea to provide your references upon request than putting them on your resume. This protects their information, and even encourages the employer to invite you back.


Use Flashy Font or Colours

It probably isn’t’ the best idea to write your resume in Fuchsia Century Gothic font. Once again, keep it professional, appearance is everything!


Well, I hope these tips and tricks helped. Just remember, the resume is the employers first look into who you are and what you can do for them!

Good luck, Badgers!