Hello again, baby badgers!

While living in residence is the best choice during your first year, there is always a chance that you can have a roommate. Since Brock offers a two styles of residence on campus – Townhouses and traditional dorms. In a townhouse, there are both double and single rooms and every one living in your house is your housemate. Traditional residences offer both single and double rooms as well, the only difference with traditional residences is that student may either share their room with another person or share their bathroom. Many students don’t know what to expect the first they that they meet their roommate, which can be awkward; but I’ve made a short list to help ease the tension if you are living with someone you don’t already know. In the list, there are both tips that can be done during summer after you move in.

1. Try to find your roommate on the Incoming Brock Facebook Group:

In a group of thousands of people, it can be hard to find the room number that matches yours. Keep scrolling!

2. Get to know your roommate, what they like and don’t:

Learning about your roommates pet peeves is the only way to start things off on the right foot when you start sharing a space.

3. Learn about your roommate’s hometown and family life:

Find common points about your lifestyles and move from there! It’ll be easier to strike up a conversation

4. Stalk your roommate’s FaceBook/Instagram photos:

Photos are an amazing way to see what a person does on their spare time. Find out if your roommate loves a night out on the town, or if your roommate is a Netflix Addict

5. Brainstorm items you both can bring to make your dorm more homelike:

Dorms can be a bit of a drag without a little personal touches. Add lights, photos, and posters to make your room more fun and welcoming!

6. Take an interest in your roommate’s program:

Brock has tons of programs that cater to the taste of thousands of individuals. Learn more about programs other than your own!

7. Attend Smart Start together:

Visit Smart Start and let these beautiful badgers show you why Brock is the greatest place on earth!

8. Learn about your roommate’s habits at home:

Learning about your future roommate’s home habits won’t only allow you to learn more about your roommate, it will give you an idea of what to expect from your roommate during the school year. Do they wake up early? Do they stay out late? Do they like to have people over?

9. Coordinate who’s responsible to bring what to your townhouse:

Townhouses are special because it’s like having your own house! Aside from the furniture, it is the responsibility of the students to fill the house with everything that they will need during the year. Planning ahead is never a bad idea!

10. Learn about your roommate’s sleeping patterns, studying habits, and if they snore:

Ear plugs… Make sure you have A LOT!

11. Take a trip to Penn Centre to get to know your roommate better:


12. Go for a night out with your roommate:

O-Week is the best time to go to great events and meet great people! Grab your roommate, and your VIB card and have some fun!


Always keep in mind that you may not be the best of friends with your future roommate, and there is nothing wrong with that! Having a roommate is an experience all on it’s own, and it’s what you choose to make it. Don’t forget to check Emily’s post on Dorm Room must haves here!

The countdown continues, Badgers! Don’t be afraid to ask any questions below!