Most students think going into debt is inevitable when starting University. However, for the student struggling to pay for a full course load, rent, groceries, and nights out, scholarships are a great way to make things a little easier.

Here are a few tips of where to look when applying for scholarships:

1. Check out Brock scholarships: Many scholarships go untouched every year simply because people don’t apply for them. Brock offers different ones based on financial need, involvement, and written answer/essays. You can learn more about Brock scholarships here:

2. Banks: Several Canadian banks offer scholarships for students, so head check out the major banks online and start applying. There are also other tools available to you to help you plan for your financial future – contact your bank for more information.

3. Coming from a smaller city or town? Check out your community or city website for information on student scholarships. Most will offer something for students based on academic standing.

4. Employment– Depending on where you or your parents work, you may be eligible for an organization-specific scholarship. Take a look at the organization’s website, or ask your supervisor for more information.


5. Maintaining good marks – Did you get an entrance scholarship from Brock? It’s a huge help the first year, but it’s just as important in the following years, so make sure to maintain that 80 average to keep the money rolling in.

Have any other ideas? Share with us!