It’s no surprise that you’ve made a solid group of friends during your time here at Brock University. Everybody has that faithful group of school friends— whether they’re your roommates, classmates or study buddies, they always have your back. These school friends are the type of friends that you go to Isaac’s with on Thursday nights, or spend long hours in the library with, or even pair up for group projects with.

But who were you friends with before you came to school? Are you still friends with them now?



It’s your friends from home that are the ones who probably know your mom really well, know all your deepest and darkest secrets, and who you dated in the seventh grade. These are the friends that can bring up embarrassing memories, and who remember what you were like during your awkward phases.

These hometown friends are the ones you’re always excited to see, but unfortunately don’t see too often.


Is there a difference between your school friends and your friends from home? Probably.

As much as it sometimes hurts to hear, you’ve grown up. Things are quite different when you compare now to then, and many things have changed. You may have matured a bit, and maybe changed your look or outlook on things, and it’s your school friends that have been around to know the person you have become here. They are the friends that have your back during the most stressful times, and the ones that you see on a daily basis. These are the friends that know your ambitions, your weaknesses and your drink order.


It’s your friends from home that know who you were and how you’ve come to be. They are the ones that can appreciate the change when they see it. They are familiar, and comforting and fun. They are the ones that are loyal, and who you may miss if you spend your school year in different places. These are the friends you’ll always have history with. These are the people who weren’t around to see the change, but can appreciate it once they see you again.

If you’re lucky to have these two groups of friends throughout your young adult years, it’s important to maintain these friendships and appreciate those friends you’ve met, and those who’ve stuck around!