Nowadays, meeting people is as easy as downloading an app and swiping right or left. AKA Tinder. If you look up from your mobile device you will realize that there’s actually people off of Tinder! Here’s a list of the 7 top places to meet people ON campus.
1. Seminar
Seminars are a great place to talk about opinions and ideas learned during the class and who knows you might be impressed by something a specific person days! Don’t be shy to continue the conversation after class. Plus seminars are typically in Mac Chown so you can use the typical line, “I’m lost, can you help me find Mac Chown J?” (Because who really knows where Block J is).

2. Issac’s
Thursdays at Issac’s is a great way to spend a night with friends and tearing up the dance floor AND it’s right on campus. It’s also a great way to meet new people! Don’t be shy, see a cute person? Buy them a drink or ask them for a dance.

3. The Gym
The Zone brings together people who all have one thing in common. They want to work out to better their health. What better way to start a conversation than with the person beside you on the treadmill? Need a spotter? Ask that gym cutie you’ve had your eye on!

4. Clubs
You usually join a club because you’re interested in the topic, and so is everyone else that joins. So even if it’s the film club or the Playmakers Foundation, starting a conversation with someone is pretty much set up for you!

5. Skybar or Market
Honestly, who doesn’t like talking about food? See someone cute in line for the stir fry in Market? Suggest an even better food suggestion off –campus. Sushi downtown is always the ideal date location for food lovers.

6. Sports game
The best energy on campus can be found at our sports game. Issac’s Army can be seen at every home game and school spirit only brings people closer together. Use that energy from the games to talk to the person you’ve had your eye on! Next home game for the men’s basketball team is November 27 in Bob Davis Gym.


7. Waiting for the bus
“Hey, do you know when the next Glenridge bus comes?” If you don’t use this line once in university, you’re doing it wrong. Waiting for a bus at the bottom of the tower is a prime time to talk to that certain someone that you see every day waiting for the bus. Who knows, they might be going on the same bus as you!

As you see, campus is a great place to meet a new person. So be brave, stop swiping right or left, and talk to that one person you’ve been crushing on! Get out there, Badgers!