It’s understandable if you are having a hard time encouraging yourself to go. It is so much easier to sit around watching Netflix instead of going through the struggle of packing your gym bag, throwing on some gym clothes and then having to walk all the way to the gym. Trust me, I’ve been there, I know how it feels. That’s why I’m giving seven tips that will hopefully influence you into going to the gym, whether it be on or off campus.

1.) You’re paying for it:
As a Brock student, you have access to the gym, The Zone, because you paid for it and will continue to pay for it as long as you study at Brock. A part of your tuition is paying for all the beautiful equipment to work out in, so why not put it to use? Even if you live in Lofts or Regent; gyms are available for you to use at your convenience. We already spend enough money as it is in university, why not take advantage of the fact that you have a gym to use whenever you need to?

2.) Variety of activities to choose from:
So what if you aren’t into doing weights? Or you don’t like running around the track? Don’t worry, The Zone offers a variety of different activities such as yoga, fencing, Zumba, and so much more to keep individuals healthy and fit, all while having fun. There is also an Olympic-sized pool with a Tarzan rope and hot tub on the side. Take advantage of all the facilities Brock has to offer, because once again, you’re paying for it.


3.) Make a playlist:
Going to the gym is a perfect way to tune people out…with music. It is so easy to just put on headphones and lose yourself in music when you work out. Most equipment in the gym has a special spot to put your phone as you work out, making it less complicated to work out with your phone. If you are having difficulty making or listening to the perfect “work out” playlist, places like YouTube and Spotify have a wide selection to choose from.


4.) Show off your gym outfits:
Why not dress to impress even if you’re just going to the gym? It doesn’t matter who you are, shopping for workout clothes has become effortless. Most retail shops have a part of the store dedicated just for cute and trendy workout clothes, so why not buy something that is not only comfy but makes you look good?


5.) Relieves stress:
Even though we are just a month into school, most students already had about two midterms and assignments due every other day, so it would be perfectly normal for them to be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Going to the gym is a great way to reduce high levels of stress and anxiety, through various workouts and activities which will come in handy around exam time.

6.) Track your progress:
Even if you aren’t a gym fanatic, it still helps to track how good…or bad, that you are doing.  It inspires you to set goals and when you achieve these goals, you can reward yourself. There is more than one way to track your progress as well; you can do it the old school way with paper and pencil or there are a number of apps that you can use to track your progress.


7.) Reward yourself:
No hard work should ever go unnoticed. After working out consistently, achieving your goals and making the most of your gym experience, you should treat yourself to an ice-cream or a piece of chocolate cake. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” You pushed yourself to do every squat, to lift every weight, or even just to make it inside the gym. You deserve to give yourself a present for all the hard work you’ve done and the work you still have to do.

Although going to the gym can be unbearable at times, there are ways to make it easier, you just have something that works for you. The schedule for the Brock gym is available online, but if you happen to live in Regent or Lofts, the schedule and times for those gyms should also be located online. Keeping these seven tips in mind, good luck working out!