New year, new semester, new you? We are currently 2.5 weeks into our winter semester and how of many you are already overwhelmed? I know I am! I set the goal this semester to stay organized and prepared for all my classes and limit those dreaded all nighters. If you to want to stay or remained organized here are some tips and tricks.

Make a Visual

4-month calendars are the best for this! Mark all your due dates, planned nights out, important school dates, and anything else that is significant. By being able to see how closer or far away an item is, allows you to mentally prepare for when you should begin the assignment.

Tip: The Brock Campus Store has a great dry erase 4 month calendar 

Make a Plan

To start your day, make a reasonable, attainable plan for that day. You can either write them down or mentally prepare one. Ask yourself “What do I wish to accomplish?” But more importantly “what do I need to accomplish?” By setting individual goals each day you are more likely to accomplish them.

Tip: Make the list the night before so you bed 

Schedule Everything

There are only 24 hours in the day, trust I have tried to fit more into the day but it is impossible. Therefore each minute is precious and should be used most efficiently.  As humans we are creatures of habit, therefore try to plan out roughly when you would sleep, hit the gym, eat, class times, leisure and study time for the week. By alluding for important activities you can mantian a well balanced day.

Tip: Try out the 8-hour rule. 8 hours of study, 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of personal time

Everything Has A Place

Keep your binders and laptop neat and tidy. Got a loose paper? Deal with it immediately by putting it where it belongs in a folder or binder. Do you type your notes? Create folders for each class, and label the notes in the same format. I like to do “date(lecture number)” which looks like “Jan21/15(3)”. By having a system you will be able to find notes more easily come exam time.

Tip: Have a 1 folder or binder for each class

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  1. Ashley says:

    Woot woot! I’m totally with you on scheduling more than what I’m capable of completing in one day… thinking I’m some type of Superwoman or something LOL. Thanks for the tips girl! ps: those loose leaf papers though… Hope your semester’s going well do far!!

  2. brock student says:

    LO’ve you…. And the article
    Well done!