Mid-term season is coming to an end and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We only have a few more exams until the summer time but… we have realized that we need to find a job.



Don’t panic! We got you covered with this summer job guide.

Get excited! Having a summer job can actually be a fun thing when you’re a university student. It’s a time to have a different schedule and get some great experience for what lies beyond university. Be enthusiastic when you’re applying for jobs and going to job interviews. Employers love this and you will for sure leave a lasting expression.

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Use resources available to you!  Career Services has a great service for all Brock students so jump on your laptop and check it out. Even if you aren’t a co-op student you can log into www.careerzone.brocku.ca to look at jobs and internships available during the summer either off campus or on campus!

Make sure you take the time to do this. It may be frustrating to write resumes and different cover letters but it could lead to a sweet job! (You can also go to career services on campus to have them look over your resume and cover letter)


You could work right on campus! BUSU offers a ton of fun and rewarding student jobs over the summer. Working on campus during the summer is a great experience and there’s a wide range of jobs to look into. You can work with clubs, advocacy on campus, marketing and many more. These typically lead into the school year. Win win!

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If you’re looking for a creative outlet for your job, Brock Press and BrockTV will be hiring! If you don’t want a part time job they also accept volunteers to help with writing and filming content.

Stay positive! If you’re looking for a job in your specific field, you may not find something that perfectly lines up with your dream job and that’s okay! Building up your resume gradually over summer work terms can be great resume builders leading to the  job you want after you graduate.

So, breathe, use your resources, and get to the job hunting! Good luck, Badgers.