Hey Badgers!

Whether it’s the Freshman 15, Graduate 15 or anything in between, beat it this year with Brock’s fitness services!

We’ve all been there, getting back into the swing of the school year is never easy. With papers, midterms and upcoming assignments, who has time to think about working out? Well, it’s a good thing Brock University offers recreational services and flexible schedules that can help you fit a workout into your busy day.

If you didn’t already know, the Zone is Brock University’s school gym. Whether you’ve passed it walking down Academic South or even ventured in for a workout, the Zone is hard to miss. With over 50 pieces of cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, stair-masters, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, students have more than enough options for their cardio workout.

As for strength training equipment, we’ve got everything from free weights to circuit machines. The Zone also provides access to the track above the Ian D. Beddis Gymnasium, as well as stretching stations that allow you to stretch out those sore muscles after your workout.

No need to worry about any extra costs—the Zone is accessible to all Brock Students. All you have to do is present your Student I.D card at the Central Equipment Room or Welcome Desk to get a wristband.


And if you’re looking for a more intense workout? Brock’s recreation services offer various classes that can expand your workout. Learn from instructors and trainers that are there to show you the ropes!

Did you know that Brock also offers recreation activities such as Dance, Fencing, Yoga and Martial Arts? From Bro’ga to Bootcamps, the choices to remain active are endless.

And if you’re not a gym person, don’t fret. Swimming is also a great way to keep active! The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre at Brock University is the biggest swimming facility in the Niagara region. With our Olympic sized pool, it gives all swimmers the room to use the various diving boards, rope swing and swim lanes.


Intramural’s are also a great program that Brock offers that allows for students to maintain an active lifestyle.  Whether it’s Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball—If you’ve got the time and a group of friends who are willing to play, be sure to stop by the Welcome desk and sign up.

With Brock’s various facilities and services, it’s easy to squeeze in a workout between those assignments, midterms and part-time jobs. Brock’s Recreation Services provide everything you need in order to keep in shape and stay healthy this school year!

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