Tis the season of long nights in the library, coffee refills and no sleep… the midterm season is upon us. The first month of school was a lot of fun; frosh week, homecoming, and many home opener sporting events, but now its crunch time and we are all familiar with that feeling. Having multiple tests to study for and assignments piling up that are all due one after another, and you still haven’t introduced yourself to that cute guy or girl in your seminar. It’s an overwhelming time for everyone, but before you spiral into panic mode, there are things you can do to calm the heck down and get it together!screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-09-40-pm

I’m sure every teacher you’ve ever had has given you this secret tip to success, but time management really is key to prepare yourself for this time of the year. Leaving things until the last minute can cause major stress and is defiantly not fun. Sometimes organizing your time in your head isn’t enough, perhaps grab an agenda, or write out your test dates and assignments on a calendar. Having a visual representation of what you have to do might scare you into actually getting some things done early so you have time for the rest. This will also help to make sure no assignments or tests sneak up on you that you may have forgotten about.

If it’s too late and you’re about ready to have a mental breakdown – you need to remember to take care of yourself. Although it may not seem very important, making sure your eating properly and sleeping is crucial for your brain to function properly. Taking small breaks to exercise while studying will keep you feeling refreshed and your mind alert. A quick workout is also a great stress reliever, so just before your about to crack, throw together a playlist of your favourite pump up songs and pay a visit to the gym. After the workout you will feel much more calm and ready to re focus. If the gym isn’t your thing, even just taking a break and going for a walk is helpful to give your mind a break.screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-29-35-pm

Stress can really take a toll on your emotions, so be kind to your mind and treat yourself. Sometimes, even just having your favourite snack while studying can be comforting, or perhaps taking a two minute break to listen to your favourite song. Where you choose to work can be very influential to your studying as well, whether it be the library, a cafe, your room at your desk or a special spot on campus. When you feel comfortable in your surroundings it is easier to focus on your work.

Studying in groups can be helpful as well as it can be nice to see that your friends feel the same way you do. You can all work through it together and have that reassurance that your not in it alone. Even just studying across the table from a friend can be soothing if your the type that finds comfort in someone else’s presence, as long as you don’t distract each other too much of coarse. Seeing a friend working hard can motivate you to do the same thing!screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-47-05-pm

Lastly, if you are finding that your stress is getting out of hand or you find yourself extremely anxious or even depressed, be sure to talk to someone about it, whether you confide in a friend, parent or teacher. Your mental health is a serious matter and is extremely important to your well being. There are lots of resources on campus to help with mental health, and people that are ready to listen. Brock is fortunate to have a number of spaces where students can speak with others about their mental health. Brock’s Student Health Centre contains many qualified professionals that offer confidential student mental health support. If you would like to visit the Student Health Centre, it is located in the Harrison Hall beside Campus security.