Hello Badgers!

For many of us the end of a school year means new opportunities, new experiences, and new surroundings! When exams are finished, we shall all be scattering to our different places and responsibilities, making staying in touch with friends somewhat difficult. It is easy to get busy and lose track of how friends are when you are no longer in constant communication. Being away from them, however, does not mean you can’t continue a meaningful and close relationship. Now, more than ever, we have access to many different things that can keep us in touch with our long-distance friends. So do not fret. It is possible to keep up with the many great people you have met while studying here at Brock! Here is how you can stay in touch with them over this summer!

1. Use Social Media

No brainer, right? Like I mentioned before, our generation is quite lucky to have so many different kinds of social media and communicative resources at our disposal. Whether you like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can easily talk with your friends and share the many awesome aspects of your life with them. Don’t limit your contact with them to just liking or retweeting their posts! Make an effort to truly interact with your friends and maintain your relationship with them. Use other methods of social media such as Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr as a more creative and fun way of connecting. Send a ridiculous Snapchat, or share a Pinterest board with them, and the distance won’t seem as far!

2. Make Phone Calls

We tend to rely heavily on communication via social media and texting but, now and then, try and have an actual phone conversation with your friends. Remember the good old days of HAVING to call someone in order to get in contact?! Well take a trip down memory lane and schedule phone calls to have with your friends. Hearing a friend’s voice rather than reading a message will provide you with a more intimate and interesting conversation. Video chat such as Skype is also a good way to keep in contact more intimately with your friends as you can see their surroundings, facial expressions and other things you might want to share with each other.


3. Write Letters

Handwritten letters may seem like a thing of the past, right? But let me tell you that nothing makes me happier (and I know I’m not the only one) than receiving an actual letter in the mail! How retro!

Take some time to write letters to your friends. Get creative with them (drawings, photos, etc) and show how much you care…so much that you’re willing to forgo the quick and easy text route. Your friends will truly appreciate the thought and time that you put into writing them a letter! If you want to step it up a bit, then try sending each other packages of items from your hometowns or books you think they’d like or clothing you want swap, etc.


4. Plan Visits

Sometimes texts, phone calls and Facebook just aren’t enough to fill that friend void. What better way to fill it than by actually making time to see your friend(s) in person?! Plan to visit each other or take a trip together some point throughout the summer. Either way, seeing each other in person will truly benefit and help maintain your friendship! Go camping, see a concert, or visit each other’s hometowns…just create some awesome memories with them that will help ease the absence.


These are all simple ways that you can keep in contact with your friends over the summer! Remember that maintaining your connection does require you to put in an effort. Take some time to show your friends that you are still thinking of them and care enough to continue your friendship by reaching out to them in meaningful ways. Try doing all these things over the summer and you’ll notice that being away isn’t as hard as you think it will be. In fact, you’ll probably feel like no time went by at all when you finally do get to see them again.

I hope you all prosper in your upcoming exams and have a most wonderful summer!