If you haven’t noticed already it’s November, and in month we will be entering the most dreaded time of year: Exams. If you haven’t gone through Brock’s exam period, then you may want to get a head start on reserving your library spot before the last two weeks of school hit.


But don’t worry just breathe and stay calm and read these simple tips on how to stay organized through the final stretch of the semester, after that for three weeks you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of Netflix in bed, it will be worth it I promise!

Time Management:

I’d say managing your time is your sure fire way of staying organized. It’s happened to all of us; you said you’d watch one episode of Stranger Things and then suddenly you’re 3 episodes in and your essay hasn’t even reached 100 words yet. An easy way of managing your time is through an agenda or planner.



I don’t know about you but I live by my agenda religiously, it helps me plan out due dates for assignments, tests, social plans and even to schedule nap times in between classes. (nap time = best time) For the agenda itself I find it helpful to plan out the day whether your agenda already sections off your day or if you manually have to write down the hours, it will help you stay organized and allow you to plan your day and what needs to get accomplished. For myself, it helps me to colour code my agenda whether it is by courses or if it is level of importance that way you can stay on top of everything.

Plan ahead:


We’ve all been there, your essay is due the next day and you’ve barely looked at your essay proposal since the day you got it back. So this leads to scrambling and pulling an all-nighter to get it done. While some people work well under pressure, I prefer to plan ahead and allow myself to have as much time as possible to get things done.

Don’t skip class:


There is nothing worse than entering exam period and not knowing a single thing about what you learned. In rare cases,  you may learn more from the textbook than your professor but most of the time your professor becomes your best friend telling the class what to expect on the exam and telling you answers.

Stay organized with A-Z learning services:


Did you know you can take a class on how to write a good argument in your essay? Or learn helpful tips about studying and managing your time. A-Z learning services is a hidden gem at Brock, the goal is simple they are here to help you succeed by providing helpful events with a variety of workshops, tutoring services, or drop-in services.

Don’t overwhelm yourself:

Sometimes you just need a break…allow yourself to have small breaks when studying or completing assignments. There is nothing worse than overexerting yourself and in return failing one of your essays from being too stressed out, after all you’re only human. Keep an eye out for the puppy room to relieve your stress for an hour before hitting the books again.


Remember…keep calm, you got this!