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There is no doubt October is one of the most beautiful times of the school year; all the leaves change into vibrant colours, all the bugs begin to die and absolutely everything that can be pumpkin spiced can and absolutely will be pumpkin spiced. Halloween can be an exciting time of year and with all the parties that Brock has to offer this weekend; Brock will be home to hundreds of ghouls and ghostly characters. On Halloween night, Isaac’s is having an All-Ages night which includes a costume contest! (First prize is $500 just to give you a heads up). Despite the amazing memories that will be made on Halloween night; it is important to stay safe while having fun at the same time. There are few tips that can help insure maximum fun and a safe night.


  1. Avoid walking in poorly lit areas alone at night. Walking in areas on campus with poor lighting is never a good idea at night. Take the long, well lit, way!
  2. Try and always be with a group of people.
    Being with a group of friends will not only ensure that you have an unforgettable night this Halloween; but will also lessen the changes of any potential danger.
  3. You’ve got a cell phone… USE IT!
    If you need to call a friend or a cab to get home safe – DO IT! Don’t put yourself or others in danger!
    adorable fairy girl showing the phone
  4. Don’t accept “candy” from strangers!I am sure that we all know the candy that I am referring to… Pretend you have a mouth full of cavities and turn down any “candy” that anyone tries to give you.
  5. As cool as replica weapons may seem, they are not the greatest idea.You may know that it isn’t real, but others may not. Save yourself the trouble and leave your BB gun at home!
  6. If you are of age to drink, never let your drink leave your sight!Your drink is your best friend! Keep it close and DON’T let anyone mess with it, or walk away with it. DON’T let it out of your sight!
  7. Masks are REALLY cool but they can make others feel very uncomfortable.While masks can make a wonderful addition to a costume; people might get very anxious if they do not know who is underneath. Let your beautiful face show:)
  8. Regardless of what someone is wearing or what their costume consists of, consent is still important
    Consent is HOT! Assault is NOT! NO is not an opportunity for negotiation!
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Come out to the parties on campus in your best costumes for a chance to win awesome prizes! What are you going as this year? Let us know below! 🙂 Have a wonderful Halloween weekend, and for all those studying for Midterms still, all the best!


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