Hey Badgers!

The new year has begun and before we know it, the semester will be over. While living in residence and in certain regions can be fun, the Niagara Region is a huge place that has so much to offer for every badger! No matter the experience that you are looking for, there is something for everyone.



If you are looking for nice houses and crappy bus schedules that leave you stranded on the weekend, Thorold is the place to be. You can find cheap accomodations for as low as $400 a month, and with the Winterberry area being overtaken by urban sprawl – you can be the first person to live in a space. Thorold is a great place that isn’t only home to students, but many families as well. The Winterberry area is great for any Con. Ed students that are going to be taking placement, with schools being a short distance by bus!

St. Catherine’s – Pen Centre Area:


Living near the Pen Centre is a blessing in disguise. Not only is it a short distance from Brock University, but living close to one of the largest malls in St. Catharines allows students to have a chance to balance a school life with a part-time job. In addition, many buses go to Pen Centre, making travelling from one end of the city to another simple.

Downtown St. Catharines:

If you are into late nights and fine dining, Downtown is yours to discover! While the accomodations may be a little pricer than living in other regions, the experience that you’ll get living downtown is unlike any other. Being close to Downtown Terminal, getting to Toronto is simple and buses to Brock run every 15 minutes usually. With thrift shops and bars on almost every corner, Downtown is a great place to live.


It goes without saying that there are pros and cons to living in many places, and there is no place that is going to be absolutely perfect. Brock has resources that aid students find accomodations close to the school based on a variety of factors including financial! Don’t wait till last minute to find somewhere to call home! The early birds get the BEST places. When looking for a new place, don’t let the price be your only deciding factor! Always think of the environment and how well you’ll function living in that place. If you are more of a social butterfly, Downtown is a great place to live; but if you think you’ll spend too much time partying, be realistic with yourself!