Tis the season of late nights, minimal sleep, and unhealthy eating. It’s… exam time!

You are bound to come across a countless number of study tips, but there’s no way to know what works for you until you test out the various strategies out there.  Here are a few tips to test out as you prepare for your upcoming exam(s):


  1. Figure out which study spots work for you, and stick to them!

Some of the greatest procrastination happens when looking for a study spot. Most of us end up wasting more time getting into study mode, than we do actually studying. It’s best to figure out which places work for you and stake them out as soon as possible.

If you study best in complete isolation, be sure to visit the individual study rooms on floor 8, 9 and 10. Keep in mind that floors 9 and 10 are the silent areas; but, if you like having some background noise check out the lower levels of the library or the plaza building! And be sure to take advantage of the extended hours and shuttles available to the night owls during crunch time. Schedules can be found here.

For more ideas on scoping out a study place, check out this this post which has details on the best places to study!


  1. Write down what you need to remember

I admit that this can be really tedious and time consuming but it is so worth it! The greatest benefit of this is that writing something down is the equivalent to reading it seven times which really makes it worthwhile!

But in addition to that, it gives you an opportunity to jazz up your notes by adding some extra colour, and highlighting important terms. The colours will work wonders with your visual memory, making the concepts easier to remember. Change those plain lecture notes into a fun mind map and it just might give you a whole new perspective. It also gives you a chance to fill in those blank spaces which you claimed you would get around to, but never did.



  1. Break it down, and reward yourself!

There’s nothing more intimidating than knowing you have to get through 10 chapters within the next few days. However, this can become a lot more possible when you break it down and reward yourself by celebrating the little milestones. This looks different for everyone as we all have a different guilty pressure. For you, this could mean a gummy bear after each paragraph, or a quick Netflix episode after every two chapters.


  1. Grab a pack of gum

Fun fact: chewing gum can help to boost concentration. And I don’t know about you, but after hours of sitting at my desk, I’m more than willing to try anything that could help me concentrate. Fortunately, this fact is backed by science so it’s worth testing out. Also, it has been proven that peppermint stimulates brain activity and helps with concentration, so double your chances with some peppermint gum!

  1. Steer clear of distractions

Distractions look different for everyone! This could happen in the form of intense cleaning where you find the urge to scrub the floors, and tackle the mountain of laundry which has been piling up. For others, it could be social media where a quick study break results in hours of watching funny videos on your timeline.

My advice for this is taking a proactive approach. Take a little time before you start studying to clean your surroundings and ensure you have a batch of clean clothes. Also, add some barriers between you and your distractions. There are countless apps and sites which can be used to block you from accessing certain sites for a certain period of time. If you’re really feeling brave, you can always deactivate your account until exam seasons are over! Looking for great ways to stay focused, check out this Student Powered article on apps that will help keep you on track. 

  1. Read your notes out loud

You are 50% more likely to remember something if you say it out loud. You can even increase the amount you recall by teaching the content to someone else. Find someone in your class who you can work with productively and take turns teaching each other the material. However, keep the study group pretty small or else distractions will emerge and it becomes a social event.

Sidenote: This may not be the best tip to implement in the quiet zone at the library


That being said, I wish you all the best of luck on your exams! This is the final stretch, and I’m sure you will all do incredibly well. Be sure to make time for healthy meals, a good night sleep and some study breaks.

Badgers, you’ve got this!