Hey Badgers,

With the semester coming to an end within the next few weeks, a lot of people are moving back to their hometowns and eagerly looking on the various Brock groups on FaceBook for someone to sublet their room to help save some money. Subletting isn’t a bad idea. In fact, subletting may be one of the greatest ideas that you could have for your home away from home as long as subletting is approached properly. If you aren’t sure how to begin subletting, get ready for a great post of do’s and don’ts for subletting your space!

Do: Ask your landlord about subletting BEFORE you begin your search. Your landlord may already have someone in mind for the time you aren’t there, or they simply may not want to have anyone subletting your room. When you signed your lease, you signed a legal document that must be followed on both ends! Talk it out!

Don’t: Just agree to let the first person you come across sublet your room. Trust me.

Do: Your research on EVERYTHING. Research what you can do, research how you should go about approaching a potential sublet. Research the person who is interested in subletting your room.

Don’t: Forget that YOUR name is on the lease and you will be responsible for any damages that occur from subletting.


Do: Consistently check in with your subletter. Check for damages in your space or any issues that can be addressed with your landlord.

Don’t: Leave any issues or damages till last minute. If you know you didn’t do something, get it over with early so that the person responsible will take on those charges.


Do: Take pictures of how you left your room before you went home just in case.

Don’t: Make an any verbal agreements with anyone. No matter how close you may be, it’s never a smart idea. The way I see it, if hearsay doesn’t hold up in court; then you should probably get something in writing.


Do: Act like a landlord. Do everything by the books. Just because it’s only for a few months doesn’t mean that you should be negligent.

Don’t: Forget to have someone keeping an eye out for you either in the house or close by. ALWAYS have an “inside man”.

Do: Outline any rules that are given to you by the landlord. That could mean anything from taking out the trash or smoking in the house. Rules are meant to be enforced, so enforce them!

Don’t: Forget to pass all information onto your landlord so they can get in contact with the right person if needed.


Subletting doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Follow some of these tips and you will be alright! Thank us later, Badgers! We here at Student Powered are just trying to make your lives much easier. Surgite!