We’ve all been there whether it was mandatory or not, sometimes 3 hour lectures just suck and drain the life out of you. However with the help of this guide, you will be able to make the most of your 3 hour lecture and still ace that class. Plus look on the bright side, at least you don’t have to endure two 3-hour lectures in a row like me.


1. Dress Comfy:


There is nothing worse than sitting through a 3 hour lecture and your legs falling asleep in your tight pants or the blisters that arise from your heels. Remember if you are lucky you only get a 10 minute break, sometimes 15 minutes if your professor is feeling generous to stretch and get more coffee. I’d also recommend to bring a sweater in case you’re in the basement or in Academic South where the heat doesn’t exist and it always feels like Antartica.



2. Eat Before Class:

It’s probably for your benefit if you eat before class so you don’t have to listen to the dying whale sounds coming from your stomach. It will keep you full before class so you can focus on what’s important…the lecture. If you didn’t have time to eat something, then no worries bring some snacks however you might want to stay away from anything prepackaged in a bag. Nothing worse than eating chips and having everyone stare at you.




3. Come Prepared:


We’ve all been there, it was a crazy week and you didn’t get a chance to do the readings before lecture. However, this will make your lecture worse if you have no idea what’s going and you won’t actually get anything out of your lecture. Make a habit of doing all your readings before class and bringing all of the required textbooks to class, this will make your life easier and class more manageable to sit through.


4. Laptops may or may not help:



I personally prefer to handwrite my notes, but some of my fellow peers prefer their laptops to avoid hands cramping up (save that for the exam, right?). Just REMEMBER you are there to learn and not socialize with your friends on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. So if you are feeling like you may be one of those people who get easily distracted opt for writing things down.

5. Stay Focused:

Try and make the best out of your lecture, remember its only once a week! Make your notes as personable as possible, go crazy with the coloured highlighters and markers. If it helps, sit beside a friend, this will help you pass the time. But remember you are there to learn, so don’t goof off with your friend and distract others around you.



6. And if all else fails…Caffeine:

Whether your class is early in the morning, mid-afternoon or late at night sometimes all you need is a cup of joe to get you through. However, if coffee isn’t your thing there is always tea, some teas can actually help you stay focused for long periods of time like a Jasmine green tea. Or a Mate, can help you stay alert without giving you the caffeine crash later. You can find these teas at either Teavana or DAVIDsTEA.

Overall, these tips will help you survive your 3-hour lectures with ease and look on the bright side, it will be over before you know it!