December has finally sprung upon all university students, and at this point, being a student myself, I feel like I am being dragged through the mud. Thankfully, I am not the only one and it looks like half the school has turned into zombies trying to finish this semester.


At this point, every university student is suffering from the same four things including:




This is the season where everyone is ready for winter break, but before anyone can enjoy the vacation that is much needed, assignments, essays, and exams need to be completed. People are filling the library and meeting together with other students in their classes to try to get their life together. Remember those readings that you said you we’re going to catch up on…and never did? Or how about that essay you we’re supposed to start last week but end up doing it the night before? Yup, welcome to university: December edition.




There are two sides to a student; one side will stay up all night and the other side will sleep all day. As exam season officially kicks in, it’s no surprise to see people walking around in their PJ’s after 4PM…or all day. Everyone is over school and just wants to finish exams so they can home, but when they have ten assignments to finish along with three essays to write and five exams to study for, it’s kind of impossible. However, students, myself included, are using sleep as a stress reliever, but it’s not a relieving any stress when all those deadlines decide to catch up.




At this point, most students just want to go back home to get some real food. If you are one of the students who are tired of eating burger and fries, hold on just a little longer. Christmas and New Year’s is right around the corner and soon we will be eating like kings and queens. Put the Mr. Noodles packages away, the worst is almost over.



Finally, the ultimate struggle of the four: being broke. And even if you haven’t hit rock bottom, some of us are very close…or already there. There seems to be no money in the Chequing or Savings account, and Flex dollars are long gone, and everyone is desperate to find a holiday position at the nearest retail store. Hopefully the holiday season blesses students with some major dollar signs because something tells me that it will be much needed for the New Year.


Despite all these things, students at Brock haven’t given up yet. Although we all look like we’re attending our own funerals, students are still making the effort to go to classes, finish assignments, etc. Before we know it, exams will be over and everyone will be home for winter break, only to do it all over again next semester!

Don’t worry Brock Badgers, we’re almost done!